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  • Shoaib Ahmed
    Shoaib Ahmed

    Fresh is your son

  • Gevorg Poghosyan
    Gevorg Poghosyan

    Lazarbeam do you know fearless or fe4eless


    Are new anthem 4:20 nice

  • Alex Ke
    Alex Ke

    you forgot the link to this game

  • kierans dababy car
    kierans dababy car

    I'm bored aswell

  • I’m a kid Yeet
    I’m a kid Yeet

    Lanna: that’s not CLICK bait! Me: yea look it’s a keyboard ⌨️

  • shauns channel
    shauns channel

    i smell cap lazarbeam is dead this is a clip from a long time ago and his wife posted this.

  • Xavier Honeycutt
    Xavier Honeycutt

    What the heck are you doing laserbeam

  • Shane Brett
    Shane Brett

    Your not

  • FNaF Creators
    FNaF Creators

    Me: *sits in silence* Lannan: shut up you talk too much


    I know who the worst is Me

  • Soviet Union
    Soviet Union

    Me:(tries french accent and it turns russian) Well its *OUR* accent after all

  • Shane Brett
    Shane Brett

    I'm one of them 1 percent

  • Bay Area Sneakers
    Bay Area Sneakers

    The nervous finger antenatally place because string neuropathologically bruise sans a acceptable description. fat faulty, oafish spleen

  • Dino Clan
    Dino Clan

    I found this on google is another player, popularly known for its humorous nature. He does have a sense of humor, not only that, but he has also beaten Ninja at .

  • Isabella Skriver
    Isabella Skriver

    I am bored

  • Awa

    She’s the definition of a Karen bc she is hating on the game for no reason(no offense karens)

  • Konstantin Vasilev
    Konstantin Vasilev

    The Police man ran like my when i have flip flops on my feet

  • Brandon Reilly
    Brandon Reilly

    Ur a celtics fan I m too

  • Diego Araujo
    Diego Araujo

    Respect to Onestyy

  • Tansoki

    5:36 1000$ = 4,2ft

  • Silly Lily
    Silly Lily

    I feel bad for you guys so me make an easy one complete

  • Anthony Aldana
    Anthony Aldana

    Who ever reply don'ts like trump

  • pufferfish667 simp
    pufferfish667 simp

    i remember the old lazarbeam trueee legend

  • Super Ultimate Yoshi 64
    Super Ultimate Yoshi 64

    8:39... wat?...

  • Archer Conway
    Archer Conway

    You are my Favourite ARcodes

  • Joseph Skinner
    Joseph Skinner

    Me completing this level in 2016 on my iPhone 5 like 😎

  • GBob Scobro
    GBob Scobro

    Hi Lannan i am a fan in WA I was wondering if you could reply to this if not its alright. I finally got to subscribe. YAY

  • Angry Duck Series
    Angry Duck Series


  • Elijah

    Is it weird that this is already nostalgic?

  • mattdis22

    I like your videos laser I'm your biggest fan

  • Archer Conway
    Archer Conway

    This is so fucking funny

  • Diego Perez
    Diego Perez

    I beat your record by 2000 all I needed to do was some gliches


    i just remembered re watching this that using a tool for the thing its not meant for does twice the durability so he could have just gone around killing things to break it twice as fast

  • Angry Duck Series
    Angry Duck Series

    7:47 LOL

  • BossBoyPlayz

    hehehehehehehehe monke

  • Jackson Linsky
    Jackson Linsky

    The way he roasted his sister it was so pure 🥰


    hehe little joke for you girl: hes probably thinking about other girls. >:( boy: when do blind people know when to stop whiping their butt?

  • Luisdavid Leonmedina
    Luisdavid Leonmedina

    Google Australia.

  • Bee-Sicklyjr

    coconuts are actually 25 times more deadly than a shark

  • Fred RED
    Fred RED

    A labourer isn’t a tradie! You was a skivvy a tea boy on the building sites! Embarrassing to all tradies out there that you actually think you was a tradie.

  • Travis Chamberlain
    Travis Chamberlain

    I'm bored I'm very bored me clicks this video sees man moving his shoulder blades WOW

  • Lewis Rooney
    Lewis Rooney

    Can I tell he's bored

  • Cat God
    Cat God

    Ligma balls

  • Veronica Mason
    Veronica Mason

    Never trust cizzers boyssss😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • LodgedCannon

    R u gonna give gingy a funeral????

  • Archer Conway
    Archer Conway


  • Mayaniac

    Australia Day is horrible -From an Australian

  • Alana Knotts
    Alana Knotts

    when i hear that her diet is only *pizza* : *stop giving me flashbacks please :(*

  • Evan17RL

    since i started playing fortnite ive actually been happier. I play a game called Rocket league most people seeing this probably knows what it is and it has one of the most toxic communities ever. Ive ran into at least 10 people telling me to KYS and fortnite is definetly toxic but the people that are toxic have basically no ways to show it so I am much happier now. Sure it has voilence but minimal violence. My mother hates guns and yet still lets me play so I think its okay to play.

  • Moses Massaquoi
    Moses Massaquoi

    why do this feel inappropriate 0:42 or am i just thinking wrong

  • Blitz on Controller
    Blitz on Controller

    i am iron man

  • Eric Games
    Eric Games

    His dad is vracked

  • King vflogs
    King vflogs

    i no what i means it is his wife fucking /sex

  • BaconPlayzroblox

    I really want fortnite to die cuz of kids in roblox talking about fortnite..

  • DNA Galactic
    DNA Galactic

    We obey and worship the guidelines

  • DNA Galactic
    DNA Galactic

    We love the guidelines

  • TrueGamerplayz

    Don’t look at 3:31 kids

  • Maria H
    Maria H


  • Leo's Den
    Leo's Den

    The mouse fell in ketchup

  • VC Games
    VC Games

    Lannan you should play Friday Night Funkin, it would be easy to meme the frick outta that game

  • Jace Mitchell
    Jace Mitchell

    You are the only best thing ever

    • Jace Mitchell
      Jace Mitchell

      What the he'll

  • Tom Stockton
    Tom Stockton

    Lazarbeam is not wearing da merch

  • Aiden King
    Aiden King

    6:59 I didn't know it was possible to jump scare yourself

    • N3bula_11

      i have to say lazarbeam is a legend. And people like you dont make a difference in anyones life. Think about comments you post before you do.

  • Lauren Lovegrove Harris
    Lauren Lovegrove Harris


  • sparkFN

    I'm from the future

  • Claude Dexter
    Claude Dexter

    The smart ravioli appropriately promise because bomb pragmatically mend excluding a invincible hemp. stale, alcoholic limit

  • marcoXD

    lazarbeam doesn’t feel like the old lazarbeam

  • Kurama

    I have a great plan to watch lazar beam until 6am

  • Jake Spencer
    Jake Spencer

    4:00 I thought lazarbeam was playing he looked so concentrated

  • Chace 1
    Chace 1

    She doesn’t know what Fortnite is

  • Eli Franklin Soon
    Eli Franklin Soon

    ellon musk goes to war

  • DrOreo Gaming
    DrOreo Gaming

    My face lit up when i saw lazerbeam wearing my favorite basketball team shirt

  • stupid adventures with pop culture stuffed animals
    stupid adventures with pop culture stuffed animals

    The baby its squid word from that episode

  • Yeet

    Lazarbeam: Please stop sending me knifes Us asf: Um, okay here's a machine gun

  • GLaDOS And Chell
    GLaDOS And Chell

    9:34 "Launching Me Knuckle Cluster"

  • LEO Supporter
    LEO Supporter

    He left his license plate uncensored...

  • Tropez_clean360

    Yes he is a Celtics Fan best team 17 championships

  • Reed Iverson
    Reed Iverson


  • ryder newman
    ryder newman

    On the video “You will regret clicking on this” you said you dropped out in 6th grade, Lazarbeam. How do you have an IQ of 115!?