Amazing Crocodile Farming Technology - Crocodile Meat Processing Factory - Alligator Farm
A crocodile farm or alligator farm is an establishment for breeding and raising of crocodilians in order to produce crocodile and alligator meat, leather from crocodile and alligator skin, and other goods. Many species of both alligators and crocodiles are farmed internationally. In Louisiana alone, alligator farming is a $60 to $70 million industry.
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    The corcodiles don't know what will happen to they at least 😁😂😁

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    No different than chicken or cows.

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    Where is fucking PETA

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    how haram

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    Mr. Benjamin Methuselah

    What Devil told You Crocodile Meat is a luxury and delicacy? It is a worse abominable meat than pork!!! May ALLAH shut down the Plant!

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    1:08 "We will help them"... I'm sure you will 😆🤣

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    This greed is what generated Chinese virus Corona . East sensibly as low down the ecological chain as possible. Human degradation caused Chinese Virus and will cause more unless we overcome our greed.

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    Iam working at crocodile farm at Indonesia .

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    Babar Tahir

    Please realize factory farming crocks is not sustainable, destroyers environment & is very cruel!!

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    marcia faundez

    No les felicito nada estos snimales prehistoricos no puedes ser comidos ni reproducidos. No tienen mas imajinacion para comer. Los gueones. Quieren puro dinero


    I visit china am vegetarian

  • juanitoelzombie

    It takes 30 pigs to raise a 2 year old crocodile, we dont we just eat pigs?


    not seeing much 'breeding' going on here, raping the enviroment a plenty and lots of greedy exploitation, guess there's a small bunch of narcissists making a fortune here though so it's all good right?

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    I wonder how does it traste

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    what kind of meat do U feed um ?

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    u don't hve to do this ur already buying more beef feeding the poor ones then selling their meat

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      and the alligators bite bck

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    La industria comienza a hacer granjas de todo animal salvaje que ingrese como nuevo mercado e innovación para hacer dinero es degenerado departe del hombre

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    7:10 ...Ah Fak...Duct tape... they did not have this stuff a million years ago.. Fuggin hell mate! When will we Crocs evolve a response already?

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    Imagine dinosaurs and dragon leather bags and shoes and farming

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    Rich People: It’s disgusting what they do with the Alligators... flaunting their Hermes around

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    Mmmmm sabe a pollo... 🐊🐊🐊

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    Am I the only one who think this is wrong?

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    let it be a massive production is not a bad idea, but collecting a lot of wild eggs… seems not a good idea

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    definitivamente no es kosher ni hallal

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    we are predators in nature,,, really ? predators is under our controlls ,,, by baby ,, but met5 meters baby is hazard,,, so,,,, i really dont know what i so goood ,,, ehhhmmm,, better build farm for killer in wild nature,, but as a predator is a home pet,, of coure is not 5 metres and killing neibgbourts cat :) BUT,, its GOOOOOOd u created this video !! thans because in age of au this will be deleted everything

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    Peter Dulson

    We help them ? 🤦🏻‍♂️ how about steal them from their natural habitat to houses them in overcrowded pens on death row, basically treated the same as battery hens.

  • oxelede nattingh
    oxelede nattingh

    Very informative video. I like the fact its teaches people a lot about other countries recipes. Here in western we ha e chicken, cow, pork, fish, pigeons, sauterelle as they're called in French, i mean frogs are all part of menu. Not to mention other such as sheep, goat and in some cases horses etc.. . Are all part of menu. Thus when you see others farming crocs you tend to panic🤯🤯🤯 why?.. Is the same as what we have here in Our menu here in western countries. In fact What you eat here is perhaps not eaten in other part of the world and vice-versa. I don't find this video of farming crocs and gator abusive or whatsoever, but informative. Thanks for sharing such thing as i can't wait to have Croc in my plate here when they begins serving it.

  • Abel Guerra
    Abel Guerra

    Taking eggs from wild camen nest and hatching them the processing them is not farming your actually hurting the will population by reducing the numbers in the wild try breeding the ones you have for sustainable farming like cattle and pigs once the animal is gone its gone for good


    Правильней было назвать: производство крокодиловой кожи! А мясо так - "побочный" продукт!..

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    Whatever they are feeding them, they definitely aren’t getting excited for it.

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    No cooking coronavirus

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    I hate crocodile

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    some people do eating crocodile meat, unexpected till i have come across this recommendation. Ill stop @0:32,' this is too much for me😀

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