Brushing With a Banana Toothbrush #shorts
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  • GamingxRat

    My baby brother had that he used it to bite that bad?

  • شعيوط رب المحلوه
    شعيوط رب المحلوه


  • Natalie Wandra
    Natalie Wandra

    It’s for teething

  • Emmanuel Ricketts
    Emmanuel Ricketts

    This vid is so sus but it was good

  • john vuligate
    john vuligate


  • Camila Rosales
    Camila Rosales

    It didn't really clean because you must have not brushed your teeth 20 more times



  • Kev Doyle
    Kev Doyle

    Omg so cool

  • nghia Nguyễn
    nghia Nguyễn

    its for the baby not for you

  • Zephyr

    The best part was “Wut du hec”

  • 6 Kind
    6 Kind

    When the toothpaste is sus

  • adelin

    Him: crush in with small banana toothbrush 46 million people : yes

  • Saralynn Lackey
    Saralynn Lackey

    Ok the purple thing is the stain ok

  • Saralynn Lackey
    Saralynn Lackey

    I think the purple thing actually cleans his teeth or his teeth were never stained from brushing so much

  • Francisco Patino
    Francisco Patino

    I like the glasses

  • Lᴜɪ́ᴢᴀ Kᴜɴʀᴀᴛʜ
    Lᴜɪ́ᴢᴀ Kᴜɴʀᴀᴛʜ

    i rlly hate this guy

  • DarkBloxYT


  • Kyrie Carmon
    Kyrie Carmon

    That’s a baby toy my cousin has one

  • Wendi Quevedo
    Wendi Quevedo


  • Niah Md
    Niah Md

    That wasn’t a fat glob and it’s clear but FAT GLOBU

  • Life with Aubrey
    Life with Aubrey

    Br that’s a tea thing toy my baby bro uses it lol

  • Joseph Scarman
    Joseph Scarman

    My friend was sick when seeing this bc she hates banannas

  • Memes videos
    Memes videos

    He is just irritating


    That's crazy brooo but I don't remember asking

  • kåröl gutierrez
    kåröl gutierrez


  • Charkle Sparkle
    Charkle Sparkle

    I think it's for babies

  • Hailey Morrison
    Hailey Morrison

    It doesn't work because it's a baby tooth is for when they are teething

  • Princess Zaania Prince
    Princess Zaania Prince

    I know my grandma made me use strawberry tooth paste because it's "less dangerous" but she uses the minty tooth paste and I know it's because I am a child but I am very mature for my age, the strawberry taste awful🙁

  • ItzMiaAli

    This is my favourite video of his idk y lol

  • sari and bella
    sari and bella

    You didn't brush enough you kept stoping

  • Katherine Davis
    Katherine Davis

    That is not a tooth brush that is baby’s I know because my niece has one

  • Macie Packer
    Macie Packer

    It's a teether for a baby

  • ItzMiaAli

    He has inspired me to brush my teeth Ps: this is a joke ofcourse I brush my teeth lol

  • Mary Paitsel
    Mary Paitsel

    That's not a tooth brush it's a baby teething toy

  • Jia Patel
    Jia Patel

    Are you sure that’s a toothbrush?

  • _Mikris _
    _Mikris _

    Два вопроа,которые заинтересовали меня во время просмотра : Нахуя? А главное зачем?🗿☕

  • Nissan Sunny
    Nissan Sunny


  • Mat Mat
    Mat Mat

  • David of the week
    David of the week

    You're supposed to taste your toothpaste I didn't know that😂😂😂

  • Liam Butler
    Liam Butler

    I don't know what the hell that banana thing was, but it wasn't a toothbrush

  • Robyn Ward
    Robyn Ward

    I am preety sure thats for babies. Lok

  • Maria Martinez
    Maria Martinez

    I want one too

  • Ismael Guillermo
    Ismael Guillermo

    Hhjji ya r

  • Navvir Somal
    Navvir Somal

    Cool toothbrush

  • Alana Tomoka
    Alana Tomoka

    Dude did you eat dye? Thats dangerous! But ita funny how that banana toothbrushes cleaned it

  • Bennett

    It's for babies

  • Scrawny Plays Roblox
    Scrawny Plays Roblox

    To be fair that’s a baby tether and it’s not really meant to be used for adults...

  • Bonnie Collyer
    Bonnie Collyer

    Is he a dentist

  • Estella Smith
    Estella Smith


  • Akhtar Ali
    Akhtar Ali


  • Susie Holland
    Susie Holland

    Bananas for life

  • Garret

    He realizes that is a teether not a toothbrush right

  • Sarah Micke
    Sarah Micke

    What toothpaste would you recommend and tooth brush??

  • Luisa Marisol Otárola Morales
    Luisa Marisol Otárola Morales

    Limpia muí bien:O

  • Simone Vinding
    Simone Vinding

    But, it isnt a toothbrush 🤔

  • Beatriz Ramirez
    Beatriz Ramirez

    That is a baby toothbrush

  • Dominic Goodman
    Dominic Goodman

    All that unpleasant taste for nothing

  • #Cookie Squadforeva
    #Cookie Squadforeva

    This is pretty sus...

  • Agne Ivanovaite
    Agne Ivanovaite

    How does that purple thing tastes??🤔

  • luana222902

    Acho que essa banana também pode servir para outra coisa kkkkkk

  • Queenie kaylie Diego
    Queenie kaylie Diego

    ok anyway

  • The Grunkleflump Gang
    The Grunkleflump Gang

    my friend uses that toothpaste

  • Brittany Thomson
    Brittany Thomson


  • Jaseudia Presley
    Jaseudia Presley

    Good and great

  • Joe Powers
    Joe Powers

    Can you do brushing with a regular apple I heard they help clean teeth

  • Crystal Harris
    Crystal Harris

    This help kids decide what toothbrush cleans the best

  • LunAA_ wgf
    LunAA_ wgf

    Non è uno spazzolino è un massaggiatore per le gengive per i bambini piccoli a cui stanno crescendo i primi denti

  • Kirby Sellers
    Kirby Sellers


  • Shabnam Raut
    Shabnam Raut

    S. M. T. WTF. S

  • Antonny Fleury
    Antonny Fleury

    Ngl it looks sus

  • sparkys studio
    sparkys studio

    Their was 16666 comments on this be for i commented so now their is 16667

  • Ramsey De La Garza
    Ramsey De La Garza

    I have that one



  • ASMR Lover
    ASMR Lover

    What does the 🟣 taste like?

  • •Nikk•

    Are we just not gonna talk abt the loop 👀

  • Erika Reyes
    Erika Reyes


  • Kae Maji
    Kae Maji

    It's the purple disclosing tablet and always making videos and getting triggered for meh

  • Onii Chãn
    Onii Chãn

    Does he know that’s a baby teething toy-

  • Ângelo Gabriel
    Ângelo Gabriel

    Watha funk

  • Cloufy ?
    Cloufy ?

    That tooth brush is made for babies when they start getting teeth 😑

  • Audrey Koreska
    Audrey Koreska

    Is the disk thing bad for your teeth or not? Just curious

  • David Miller
    David Miller

    This is awkward

  • XxWeirdo._.exe_xX

    That's not a toothbrush!😭


    Q bosta é isso vei? Kkk

  • sxkeboy

    ayo that’s gay.

  • Deserayy

    When you realise its not even a toothbrush: *impossible*

  • itz snowy
    itz snowy

    That's not even a toothbrush.. -

  • aEsThEtIc_ChIcKen -
    aEsThEtIc_ChIcKen -

    I saw that banana toothbrush in the baby isle at the dollar store lol

  • Ihara Singh
    Ihara Singh

    It's for babies hahahaha

  • Kadience Robinson
    Kadience Robinson

    That’s for baby’s so they can get there teeth clean

  • Sunny life Style
    Sunny life Style

    You know that might be a chew toy

  • Anis Aziz
    Anis Aziz

    Me to my sister without any reason : "fat glob" 😂

  • ف ال
    ف ال

    D u

  • Vuk Raspopovic
    Vuk Raspopovic


  • Run!

    46 million views. Congrats sir 👏🎉🎉

  • Bind Bolt
    Bind Bolt

    Mmm satisfying

  • The Knights Overlords
    The Knights Overlords

    So have feet so you can happily

  • The Knights Overlords
    The Knights Overlords

    Are you kidding me

  • Ptao Tom
    Ptao Tom

    day 81: I start to believe that the video repeats itself 😓😐😑

  • maria catline
    maria catline

    wais ?? clir wao

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