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Now this might be a mistake
That I’m calling you this late
But these dreams I have of you ain’t real enough
Started bringing up the past
How the things you love don’t last
Even though this isn’t fair for both of us
Maybe I’m just a fool
I still belong with you
Anywhere you, anywhere you are
These minefields that I walk through
What I risk to be close to you
These minefields keeping me from you
What I risk to be close to you
Close to you
I didn’t notice what I lost
Until all the lights were off
And not knowing what you’re up to tortured me
Now this might be a mistake
We’re broken in so many ways
But I’ll piece us back together slowly
Maybe I’m just a fool
I still belong with you
Anywhere you, anywhere you are
These minefields that I walk through
What I risk to be close to you
These minefields keeping me from you
What I risk to be close to you
Close to you
Close to you
Now this might be a mistake
That I’m calling you this late
But these dreams I have of you ain’t real enough

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  • Areebah Kausar
    Areebah Kausar

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!! 😍

  • Nerine love
    Nerine love

    Love this song ❤️❤️

  • Genève Ifran
    Genève Ifran

    🇲🇦🇲🇦😍💚❤️We are proud of you Fouzia 💖🇲🇦

  • Faranaz Amiri
    Faranaz Amiri

    I just wanna say I have listened to this song 10 times already and it keeps getting better. I genuinely wish the best for faouzia. This person deserves all the grammys and everything. There's something about her voice that connects to ur soul. شکرا

  • Mouad Elba
    Mouad Elba

  • Johanna Fernandez
    Johanna Fernandez

    Wahou, je surkiffe ce son 😍❤️ Leurs voix s’accordent à merveille. Qui d’autre trouve que la voix de la fille ressemble à celle de Marina Kaye..??

  • SacredLegend1

    I can see this song playing in a movie.

  • Raya Isabel Magno
    Raya Isabel Magno


  • b2ntk

    انا كيف بتحمل كل ذا

    • b2ntk

      جون وفوزيا💔💔

  • Sara

    You are such a special person and talented keep going and smile you deserve the happiness love you ❤️💕❤️💕

  • Eva Jalil
    Eva Jalil

    That’s my new fav songgg🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍

  • Daniela Del Castillo Locatelli
    Daniela Del Castillo Locatelli

    Ok I didn't know who Faouzia till now, she sings beautifully and increíbly I mean wow, she with John singing this song ¡EPICNESSS!, this song is now on my list of best songs of 2021 and the perfect song for Valentine's day 2021 and Faouzia is my new fave singer, greetings from Lima Perú

  • zineb zineb
    zineb zineb

    Angelic voice ,faouzia ur the best

  • Matthijs van Emous
    Matthijs van Emous


  • Eddie Buch
    Eddie Buch


  • Ismahene Boufares
    Ismahene Boufares

    تحية من الجزائر

  • Iddris Fuaad
    Iddris Fuaad


  • Javeriya

    This song Needs to be used as cover for some Serial/Series ! 😍😍😍

  • Javeriya

    This looks like a Cover for some Series 👌

  • Alyasha Shahab
    Alyasha Shahab

    2:47 when my little toe hit the corner

    • It doesn't matter
      It doesn't matter

      Lucky you if you cry like this lol

  • soulofmiami

    Spectacular, as always.

  • Aska Aska
    Aska Aska


  • Rovie Espenilla
    Rovie Espenilla


  • Miranda Rk
    Miranda Rk

    I'm in love with you 😍 How come I discovered you only today 😭 but I'm glad I did ❤️

  • ري ري
    ري ري

    people should give more attention to this song!!

  • Njabulo Myeni
    Njabulo Myeni

    South Africans let mark the register here✔✅✅

  • Sana Kanwal
    Sana Kanwal


  • Sana Kanwal
    Sana Kanwal


  • Ivan Medina
    Ivan Medina

    Please make a music video this is chillingly beautiful!!!!!!

  • Payton Hartle
    Payton Hartle

    Faouzia you a wonderful singer keep doing you and keep what you doing you voice is OUT OF THIS World 🌎 !!!!!!!! Pls make more covers and Songs bye

  • Nagham Magdy
    Nagham Magdy


  • KATRiNE SongS Durmanova
    KATRiNE SongS Durmanova

    Bright bright

  • Vaso Milicevic
    Vaso Milicevic

    Beautiful song

  • Phoenix Thrower
    Phoenix Thrower

    The AMOUNT of TIMED I HAVE cried TO this SONG just BECAUSE of THIS part 2:44~ sUch a bEaUtifUl vOiCe!😭😭

  • Marie Betty Noncent
    Marie Betty Noncent

    Is it only me or this song is too short ? 😧

  • Amna Mir
    Amna Mir

    This is what art sounds like.

  • mahee selvan
    mahee selvan

    I just wanna know when will the real mv come out?

  • Youssra Araysi
    Youssra Araysi


  • Xena Sharma
    Xena Sharma

    Me : waiting when demi Lovato and faouzia will make a song .

  • Ahmedmoha19971023 Hitler
    Ahmedmoha19971023 Hitler

    I will never stop listening to you.🎶💙

  • Fruit Vendor
    Fruit Vendor

    Actions in this world are remembered, although they fade with the years, your voice and presence is eternal for all the faces you've cleansed of tears. Thank you Faouzia!

  • Wewe dental
    Wewe dental

    stroooonest voice ever mashallah ..

  • Dana Jb
    Dana Jb

    Please do the snowman song 🥺

    • It’s me
      It’s me


  • Drifty

    Dear reader, :) I don't know you and you don't know me. Probably we are not even living in the same country. We look different. You may be older than me or younger. We are just complete strangers. But there are a few things which connect us. We are humans. We have emotions and feelings. A personality that defines us. And we are both on ARcodes, searching for sad songs, no matter why. Please, if you read this. No matter what's going on in your life at the moment, you can do it! You can manage out if it, you will stay strong because there are people who love you. And these people are worth it!! Yes, we are strangers but not too far away from each other to not say that you are a great person. Because you are! I hope even if it's just one of you, that I could help or support you in away. This comment is for all the lonely people out there! :)

  • _.dark._. april._
    _.dark._. april._

    Ypur voice is so beutiful! i love it😍❤❤❤

  • Hhs Hhs
    Hhs Hhs

    I had goosebumps listening to her as usual :)

  • Big Mouth
    Big Mouth

    As I am Moroccan and Canadian , i am so proud of you , your voice is so fantastic and you will become the best artist in the world you are so still younger

  • aliens UFO
    aliens UFO


  • Jaylynn Bubblegum
    Jaylynn Bubblegum

    Omg your songs are awesome 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • Anissa Bekri
    Anissa Bekri


  • zoe

    when I tell you I am crying😩❤️

  • Niloy Karmaker
    Niloy Karmaker

    the vocals, the music, the lyrics👌

  • Djan Maury YouTube Channel
    Djan Maury YouTube Channel

    🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝 From Brazil Perfect feat !! Sociedad perfecta !! Incroyable production !! Parceria perfeita !!

  • Paulo Bacudo
    Paulo Bacudo

    F that voice

  • wood 714
    wood 714

    this is lovely song🥺♥️

  • NoLimit Nati
    NoLimit Nati

    Im just replaying the song reading through he comments and so many ppl are new to Faouzia im so happy she’s getting more recognition and appreciation.🤍I can’t wait to see what 2021has to offer

  • LunoSZN


  • dany zain
    dany zain

    only faouzia fans know what a huge step this song is for faouzia

  • dany zain
    dany zain

    faouzia doesn't need autotune.. autotune needs her

  • Nina mly
    Nina mly


  • Wynn Irwin
    Wynn Irwin

    hey guys! check out my guitar tutorial of this song, (no Capo) arcodes.info/to/fydyw/nqeat5WdqavMa64.html hope u enjoy! do like and subs!

  • Wynn Irwin
    Wynn Irwin

    hey guys! check out my guitar tutorial of this song, (no Capo)

  • MD star
    MD star

    WE néed more views guys

  • Duane sheppard
    Duane sheppard

    Literally the best song I've ever heard in my 34 years on this planet

  • Olivia Harrington
    Olivia Harrington

    Who else here just realized she did a collab with John legend during quarantine

  • Almost 5
    Almost 5

    Me-Legendary Single But The feelings they give is💣... ...This song should be used as OST🤍...

  • Numo Keji
    Numo Keji

    Gosh it’s so beautiful 😍the vocals. I won’t be surprised to hear this used in a movie as a theme song😍😍😍😍😍I hope soon

  • Birdamlagül

    hello guys 💕 i make some covers can u check them out pls 💕💕😢😢

  • bacharawada

    biggest flex is i knew her before she got famous


    We're so proud of you 🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • Teacup Froggy
    Teacup Froggy

    Perfect. She’s not a super star YET but singing with super stars .o.

  • Reda El makrini
    Reda El makrini

    Just so good and relaxing song

  • Ayasha Shahia Official
    Ayasha Shahia Official

    Its good

  • Shivani Gounden07
    Shivani Gounden07

    Im obsessed. ❤🔐

  • aubrey rodriguez
    aubrey rodriguez

    Rip uncle Chris I will forever want to be close to you 🥰❤️

  • Melissa Peraza
    Melissa Peraza

    I don’t understand how someone can be so beautiful and so talented at the same time

  • Sara Incorvati
    Sara Incorvati

    Faouzia and John Legend harmonize so beautifully the song is absolutely stunning and the lyrics are so moving

  • Crabstick 004
    Crabstick 004


  • Eva-Maria Farah
    Eva-Maria Farah

    So beautiful❤❤

  • Riham Safi
    Riham Safi

    My favorite actor 👑 🇲🇦 Morocco

  • Pratheek

    Lofi version somebody goddd plsss

  • Simply Unicorn
    Simply Unicorn

    This is the greatest duet of all time.

  • Desmonson-ALL IN ONE-GAMING
    Desmonson-ALL IN ONE-GAMING


  • NoOna 20
    NoOna 20


  • ChoCho Chaimaa
    ChoCho Chaimaa

    Proud of you ❤️🇲🇦

  • Hamba Allah swt
    Hamba Allah swt

    i fell in love with yourvoice Faouzia✨ you are myidol✨☺️

  • Kayis Rab
    Kayis Rab

    The voice of angel Again she killed it so unbelievable full, rich, rocky, and free voice in complete control uh god just outstanding unreal 😍👼 so unique She is number one in my playlist all day everyday and for ever She deserve to be number one in the world

  • Malk Amjad
    Malk Amjad


  • sohxhaedits

    The multiy talented and lagend fouzia!!

  • Ellese O'Conner
    Ellese O'Conner

    Amazing voice


    OMGGGGGG 💔😭❤️

  • Neima Musa
    Neima Musa

    if someone who is lyrically powerfull join hands with someone whose voice is out of this world tell me who in the hell in their right mind will try and stop them

  • Its Hope
    Its Hope

    I want to play this at my wedding

  • Amanda Bernardes
    Amanda Bernardes

    Perfect ❤️

  • sophie

    Now this is what I call a song 🖤 I'm so proud of u faouzia all the love from🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • Гермиона Гренджер
    Гермиона Гренджер

    Faouzia I'm from Russia and now I wrote this comment with translator. I wish I wrote right. For me your voice is life. I listen your voice and I live. I live in your voice!! Thank you!Спасибо вам большое!

  • Jojo berb
    Jojo berb

    I love you❤ Faouzia from Algeria

  • Damisah Damisah
    Damisah Damisah

    100 time i watch this.

  • I___5 Z
    I___5 Z

    The best❤

  • Stindu Wardo
    Stindu Wardo

    gives me some Wide Awake (Katy Perry) vibes

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