Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max - You'd be Shocked!
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0:00 - Intro
1:28 - Premise
1:57 - Hardware
5:32 - Software and Experience
8:35 - Camera
11:00 - Conclusion and Pricing
Suum Cuique, or as we locally say: To each his own… That typical phrase we use to clarify that other people are free to like different things. It's probably the best way to understand how it's possible that the flagships of two different companies, can cost the exact same money, but then offer a completely different approach to the ideal flagship, and be just as successful.
On one corner we have Samsung which adequately calls its phone the Ultra. This is not just a case of More is Better. Instead, consider this as the Extreme that the name embodies. On the other we have Apple, which also properly names its phone the Max. It's the maximum amount of iPhone you can get, but which is also a contradiction since Apple favors the principle of "less is more."
Right now these are the two most powerful phones, from the two most popular companies in the industry. Calling out a winner is about more than just a comparison of numbers. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and this is Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max, sponsored by SUPCASE. Stick around to learn about our favorite way for you to protect your investment.
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  • Mike

    Phones stopped getting significantly better with the s10 plus. No need to upgrade.

  • Nifty Ekis
    Nifty Ekis

    Wished you included samsung pay and apple pay comparisons on these phones.

  • Pro2A

    I completely disagree about the cameras. In my opinion the photos are slightly better on the iPhone, but the Galaxy slays the iPhone on the video part. Far better stability control, zoom, ability to shoot 8k and you didn't even mention directors view. In my opinion, Samsung is just a superior device.

  • Rock Star
    Rock Star

    You've never heard of phone cases..

  • Axel Herrera シ
    Axel Herrera シ

    Was going to get an iPhone 12 pro max, but I think Apple has ran out of ideas lol they are going to release the same thing over again so I went with samsung s21 ultra

  • J K
    J K

    So basically the same thing as usual, the Newer phone takes the cake. In 6 months, it will be the iPhone again.

  • Abraham Ramon
    Abraham Ramon

    Dude kind looks like a older skinnier version of Patton Oswald...

  • Marwa Ezz
    Marwa Ezz

    I need help here, I like the iPhone better that I've been using IOS since forever, and I want to change my phone and fallen into the dilemma of choosing between these two beauties. P.S. my brother promised me if I get the S21 ultra he will get me the watch, the ear bods and the S pen. Still can't decide 🙁

    • Solar Cj
      Solar Cj

      @Marwa Ezz this phone is goated you will love it I promise actually

    • Solar Cj
      Solar Cj


    • Marwa Ezz
      Marwa Ezz

      Solar Cj Thank you 😊

    • Solar Cj
      Solar Cj

      Get the s21 ultra I have it and this phone is a beast I have both actually and the s21 ultra is just way better with way better features

  • GamersUprising

    galaxy is far better value for money

  • RMB

    Ive owned many Iphones and many Androids. IMO Samsung Galaxy phones have improved greatly over the years and the iphones have improved minimally over the years. Ill buy Samsung over Apple all day every day.

  • L y n x
    L y n x

    I just don’t like the Looks of the Samsung but it’s the best in technology.... And I’ll get teased for having it but forget it 😂

  • Armjmi

    I picked S 21 Ultra.

  • Tsetso Tsvetkov
    Tsetso Tsvetkov

    Watch in ×1.25. Thank me later.

  • Tom Zohar
    Tom Zohar

    The speaker on the s21 ultra is world's! Ahead of the iPhone fyi 😇 You probably didn't turn on Dolby atmos

    • Tom Zohar
      Tom Zohar

      @Mr Yusuf no doubt. Exynos kinda disappointing but still better hardware

    • Mr Yusuf
      Mr Yusuf

      Mind blowing for movies better then iphone

  • Dsch Dsch
    Dsch Dsch

    For personal and family data privacy, Apple won. That's why I changed to iPhone from Android after using for a decade. Ig fb & goog share datas and even join alliances. One thing I don't like Apple...actually two things, very expensive! and not many options :(

  • Vas B.
    Vas B.

    ... "the companies started listening to their consumers" ??? You're joking, right ? No more expandable storage, no more headphone jack, no more headphones, no more power brick...

  • a h
    a h

    I would never pick a samsung over an iPhone The app experience does matter and the gap is not getting narrower . I don’t care how beautiful samsung phones are as long as I have to do a lot of adjustments just to avoid accidental touches on the screen.

  • mikey moet
    mikey moet

    Samsung no. 1

  • Dustin Bentz
    Dustin Bentz

    Been an iPhone user for years but want a change. This might be the one to change to. Great video.

  • Deepak Bisht
    Deepak Bisht

    0:06 S21 ultra is looking like a king next to his queen iPhone 12 pro max...

  • Syed Almas
    Syed Almas

    And The Winner Is S21 Ultra

  • Tsaab

    Watching this on my Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

  • Christian Z
    Christian Z

    Got a S21U 256 Titanium Exynos on the way and can’t wait! And no I don’t care about Exynos vs SD because that argument was so last year!

  • David Casado
    David Casado

    So we're just going to say apple updates better but ignore the fact that they admitted that they brick their old phones? Oh ok cool...

  • Andrew Carey
    Andrew Carey

    No, neither of them is an investment


    Watching in my S21 ultra 😍

  • gguybr

    Both are bigger than my pockets lol If you wanna gimme one out and wanna me choose, gimme the S21 Ultra thanks ;) kkk

  • Bob Lewis
    Bob Lewis

    Ios and iPhone is so damn boring and have you tried to take your pictures out of an iPhone? Always failed. I cloud anyone? Apple forced icloud on all of your asses. I hate Apple

  • Bob Lewis
    Bob Lewis

    The iPhone 4 called it wants its phone back

  • Facebook MarkoKena
    Facebook MarkoKena

    Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

  • CrankyBeast

    Watching on my moto g power 2020 🤗

  • [insert Name Here]
    [insert Name Here]

    There's a different approach and a glaring lack of software and hardware features for the same price, of not more. That's not being free to like things; rather That's pure stupidity when you neglect the actual value a phone has for the price you pay.

  • Terrance Smith
    Terrance Smith

    I prefer S21 Ultra over IPhone 12

  • Diogo Vieira
    Diogo Vieira

    What bothers me about iPhone is updates and how fantastic the chip is. Really good performance, but... Then the S21 looks the way it currently does, and it is what it is nowadays and... Wow

  • Ghonzhauri Gonzaga
    Ghonzhauri Gonzaga

    I cant denounce galaxy on tongue,its incredible,intelligent for all ages

  • Mael Nathan
    Mael Nathan

    Ultra is the one😍😍

  • Cédric Dananai
    Cédric Dananai

    Hi everybody ! I’ve always been an « Apple fan boy ». When I see all of these videos about the S21Ultra I want to swap my iPhone 12 against this one ! Is it worth it ? Any iPhone long term users who have swapped already ? Feedbacks ? 🙂🙂🙏🏻

  • Sc Mucho
    Sc Mucho

    Iphone good for games and that's it ,I'm always going to Samsung

  • PaperRoman

    Why the heck ain't anyone talking about the new Chrome 89 update !? It's a a huge jump in browsing!

  • NINPOU86

    anyway i ll get s21u even it better and beatifull with 120hz display Because Three hundred cheaper that i12pm in my country

  • NINPOU86

    samsung has galaxy fold 1 and fold 2 and galaxy z

  • Lance Vance Dance
    Lance Vance Dance

    Watching on my S8 Plus, while I await for DPD to deliver the S21 Ultra in an hour.

    • Mehreen Nadeem
      Mehreen Nadeem

      @Lance Vance Dance I think I am clear now I should get S21 ultra . Thank you so much for such detailed reply. 😊

    • Lance Vance Dance
      Lance Vance Dance

      @Mehreen Nadeem had the same thoughts as I was given a choice between the two by my network provider. S21 worked out more expensive and now I realise why. Got my wife an iPhone 12 Pro Max and myself the S21 Ultra. Compared both and whilst she loves her iPhone, I can tell you that S21 Ultra and its 120Ghz screen is just next world. The camera is also far superior. 12GB ram is a huge plus. Iphone is good but Samsung did it again...

    • Mehreen Nadeem
      Mehreen Nadeem

      I am watching on Samsung Galaxy s8 and deciding what I should get 12 pro max or s21 ultra

  • SMoonGameR

    Tbh I still love my 12 pro Max and even tho a lot of ppl say the s21 ultra is better I just can’t see myself going to android so I prefer Apple 🍎 over Samsung :) was a great video tho

    • Daniel Pacheco
      Daniel Pacheco

      I have the iphone 12 pro max and I'm considering switching to the s21 ultra. 120hz display, amazing camera system, I heard the iphone 13 might get a higher refresh display, so I'll wait

    • SMoonGameR

      @2Coop4U Part 2 lol i know but Owell that my opinion

    • 2Coop4U Part 2
      2Coop4U Part 2

      Suprised you havent gotten assaulted by nerds yet

  • ᴀᴅᴏʀᴇᴅᴇsᴛɪɴʏ._

    I’ve been watching so many reviews an comparisons between these two phones because I have no idea which one to get .😭

    • PANTHER_ RawR
      PANTHER_ RawR

      Yeah me 3 haha, haven't had an iPhone since the 5s. Im still struggling to decided 🤣

    • Mehreen Nadeem
      Mehreen Nadeem

      Me too still confused lol watching all the comparison videos on ARcodes lol

    • 6Sofia6

      I bought both and ended up returning both. In my heart I know the samsung is better for me but I still want the iPhone. In my opinion the Ultras design is quite unappealing.

  • Mako

    Don't have any of 2...but that video comparison is neck to neck, only samsung front video is better...I don't see that ''grain'' the he sees...

  • Rudy Briskar
    Rudy Briskar

    For me it's easy. Samsung. I had the original Galaxy S, S3, S5, S7, S9, Note 9, S20+ and now the S21U.

  • Henlayz

    I have a question to anybody that is watching this now... I live in the UK and my upgrade comes up soon, however the European version of the 21 Ultra has an Exynos in it and it's essentially a lot worse than the Snapdragon version in the US... is it still worth getting the Ultra or should I go for the Pro Max - I currently use the S10 Ultra 5G

  • Marvel Jones
    Marvel Jones

    I’m a iOS man so I’ll pick Apple all day!! I use to use Samsung at first I had all most every Note and a few S line phone but I still all ways went right back to iOS and iOS first at the King 👑 spot and Samsung 2nd at the King 👑 spot.

    • SMoonGameR

      Same I use too always get the latest galaxy but now that I’m on Apple I just can’t seem to go back to Samsung I mean they have beautiful phones but I love my iPhone ...I actually have the iPhone 12 Pro Max and I had the iPhone 8 Plus and I actually played with this Samsung phone cuz my friend got it and I was like it looks nice but I want the iPhone 12 Pro Max and well I loveeee it so much ...Idk I can’t go back to android sorry to say I am a iPhone fan now

  • Yaakov Lobel
    Yaakov Lobel

    I chose the s21 ultra

  • Porcupine Logic
    Porcupine Logic

    Ultra already getting discounts....

  • Tieho Letseng
    Tieho Letseng

    The only problem with iPhone is that . It gets hot even when you are not playing games. Which is nagging a lot how can you use something that is hot.

  • sdlatino

    One line that summarizes pretty much everything you wanted to say: “I hate to say this, but the iPhone....“ you sounded very biased towards Samsung on almost everything Jaime. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Donnie Moreau
    Donnie Moreau

    I just got the s21 ultra and was able to take amazing pictures of the moon it was mind blowing!

  • Lewis in the UK
    Lewis in the UK

    I’m an Apple devotee and can honestly say the devices Samsung are bringing to market are superb and on paper are better than their Apple equivalent . BUT, Samsung still lags so far behind in the user experience department. Apps on Android are still in many cases less feature-rich than their Apple counterpart. Peloton is a good example of this. My iPhone app has far more features than my wife’s Android version. I’m definitely a curious Apple user, waiting for the right time to jump back into Android via Samsung. I just don’t think the user experience is quite there yet. I love technology and am a fan of what all the major tech brands are doing.

  • Melvin Freeman
    Melvin Freeman

    I like the iphone 12 Pro Max a lot. But, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The fingerprint sensor isn't as fast as the S21 Ultra. Yet, SOMETIMES face id :) works on it. I have a iphone 11 Pro Max. The notch cuts off the scenery enough to make me not want to purchase the iphone 12 Pro Max.

  • Roberto Martinez
    Roberto Martinez

    El. Max. Es. De. Close media

  • Mars Hartdegen
    Mars Hartdegen

    Yes Galaxy, not talking about OS, or other reasons, only for the camera, must choose Galaxy, because I don't play games normally, only force on shooting videos and photos.

    • calixxlivin

      Couple months pass by iPhone iOS update required ... slowly starts degrading the battery 😂

    • Armando Pacheco-Soto
      Armando Pacheco-Soto

      @Mr Yusuf are you seriously trying to say the s21 ultra doesn't browse fast? You must be joking

    • Mr Yusuf
      Mr Yusuf

      When u browse the web not so fast like iphone lol

  • jjacob25101

    I love my Galaxy S21 Ultra 512G. Even better than my 2 year old Note 9 512G at the same price. It goes good with the Galaxy Buds Pro.

  • Daniel Pardo
    Daniel Pardo

    Galaxy this time for sure

  • The Red BlueBerry
    The Red BlueBerry

    I want the iPhone 12 pro max, not Samsung, Samsung is trash with its Exynos, upgraded it not, it's still bad, that won't change anytime soon.

  • Smart' Medicine Physicist
    Smart' Medicine Physicist

    Hi I will want and save up for S21 Ultra which is much better, I will just resale my S20 Ultra I will find someone by it when the time come.

  • Be Befikar
    Be Befikar

    Which one is suited for your personality Ultra or Max?

  • 29kalel

    Sorry pocket now the iPhone 12 is last year’s iPhone you are comparing two different year’s device the new iPhone for 2021 will be the comparison to do with the s21. And 120hz is not a huge breaker I’ve been using 120hz since 2017 on my iPad and the iPhone’s 60hz does the job great especially if it’s gonna allow me to run all day long and into the next day on one charge. iOS apps are way more polished. Samsung still loses this because we all know this years iPhone will walk all over Samsung’s 2021 phone.

  • Pelham 123
    Pelham 123

    Always wearing an Apple Watch.

  • Clout

    Yes, iOS 14 works on older iPhones but it's laggy, slow and drains battery. You're better off not updating your iPhone 6S or 7 to iOS14 since it just lags and drains battery more than older iOS versions

  • amalur

    macro with the angular...zoom in video and photo..better display notch with out..very good sound s21 ultra i like it

  • Peter Jensen
    Peter Jensen

    Exynos sucks. Period.

  • Mr 619
    Mr 619

    I don't even keep my phone more than 2yrs. I'll see stick with my s21.

  • S R
    S R

    Samsung Black Jack (3 years of use) -> iPhone 3Gs (2 years of use) -> Galaxy S4 (3 years of use) -> LG V20 (2 years of use) -> LG V30 (2 years of use) -> Galaxy S10+ (3 years of use) -> iPhone 12 Pro Max {I heard it does a better job taking photos. I take a lot of photo since I became a dad so I made the switch} (5 months of use) -> Galaxy S21 Ultra {Takes a better photo, video, lighter, easy on finger stretch, takes a lot less to use payapp wearing a mask, easy to track communication history, multi-volume control - yes, you can control the volume and watch ARcodes while you are on hold on a phone call, and much more....} So, clearly, Galaxy S21 Ultra wins for me. I offered my iPhone 12 Pro Max to members of my family for free... no one wanted to take it including my Mom using Note 8.

  • Hafiz

    Facebook for ultra is so poor in dark

  • Hafiz

    The biggest problem in ultra is face unlock at night time

  • Hafiz

    I bought ultra and just sell it after 8 hours

  • Hafiz

    Max is batter

  • Gio La Gala
    Gio La Gala

    You forgot bad battery management on Galaxy . I think iPhone offers better quality

  • chandransh pandey
    chandransh pandey

    Consumers wants low price. The price point apple comes in literally too much for what it offers

  • vapefun

    A blind video camera test has been done on unbox therapy and it's clear that the s21 ultra video camera is better than the iPhone. Because the iphone video camera has been better in the past reviewers have a blind perception. If Jamie did a blind test he would pick the s21U!!!

  • detective minh
    detective minh


  • Arifullah Hanif
    Arifullah Hanif

    Trust me, Only that apple logo is quite enough to win the competition... look at that beautiful face of 12 pro max... I’m using 12 pro max from the day it released... I’m just loving it

  • Marshall Choto
    Marshall Choto

    Uuuum that phantom black is lit!!

  • BATMAN - D
    BATMAN - D

    You didn't even talk about the super steady on the Galaxy s21 ultra

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee

    Ultra expensive vs Max bankruptcy

  • Ari Cruz
    Ari Cruz

    The iPhone notch is to maintain that “iPhone Look” now it’ll probably get smaller but still have it. Kinda like the iPhone origins with the bezels and home button

  • Stong 7
    Stong 7

    I have the Samsung S21 Ultra and it's a beast but I never had a iPhone before so I really can't say which one is better I really think Im going to get the next iphone that comes out just for comparison but I have always had a galaxy from the very first phablet it's going to take alot for apple to bring me to there side but I'm give them a shot with the iPhone 13

  • night stalker
    night stalker

    True story here. My personal phone was a galaxy s10 plus. I got the 12 pro Max because of the amazing design and every one puts Apple on a pedestal. I wanted to give it a try. 2 months later, and I'm back to Samsung. S21 ultra. Apple is superior on paper, but in real life, it operates like a dated phone.

  • Nani Nani
    Nani Nani

    No matter what.. I always like iPhone 😄

  • DoorDasher Dan
    DoorDasher Dan

    Samsung wins on the I AM NOT A DOUCHEBAG Apple owner Front

  • michael kagan
    michael kagan

    I have a Apple Iphone 12 pro max and can it is without a doubt the best Iphone I have ever owned but coming from a Samsung Galaxy 10 plus I can say there are some features I miss that my Iphone does not have or things they both do but the. Galaxy did it so much better. I got the Iphone because my wife and family have I phones but in some ways wish I had gotten the new Galaxy for it's features.

  • Aiden Yuri
    Aiden Yuri

    I regret getting iPhone 12 and not S21 Plus! I don’t have money any more lol 😭


    I don't have the ultra, but I have the s21+, and I'm satisfied with that

  • DeAngelo Emerson
    DeAngelo Emerson

    Bro they just now getting widgets did I hear that right SMH wow 🍎lol just wow

  • DeAngelo Emerson
    DeAngelo Emerson

    I picked the ultra brio bro Android for life

  • Jose

    S21-ULTRA...vs. iPhone max Is like corvette(s21) vs maxima (iphone) C'mon....I seen iphone picts and videos and there is no comparison to the beast(S21-Ultra)

  • Michael Todd
    Michael Todd

    Just picked up the ultra loving it it blows away anything from Apple or any other manufacturer far as I'm concerned. Also I traded my Note 8 in its like 31/2 years old and if it wasn't for the battery losing charge quickly there'd be no reason for me to replace my Note 8

  • IntoTheRain

    some time ago I used android. I will never make that mistake again.

  • andres nunez
    andres nunez

    i got my hands on a s21 ultra platinum hands down tops any android samsung / i phone to date no doubt !!

  • Charlie300 C
    Charlie300 C

    Lol so both

  • Nathan Goddard
    Nathan Goddard

    Samsung, nice hardware, garbage UI. Think dumpster fire rolling downhill toward a gas station.

  • Kenny McCuien
    Kenny McCuien

    I’ve already heard of S21 owners complaining about lag...smh. Have fun, boys

    • Roger Innocent
      Roger Innocent

      Show me where you heard that? I traded a S9 Plus that ran smooth as butter and before that had the 8 Plus that also ran smooth. This 5 year crap about lag is getting old. I also own the boring iPhone for work so no fan boy here but just my experience. So please...where are they saying the Galaxy S21 Ultra has lag?

    • LastManAlive95


    • 2Coop4U Part 2
      2Coop4U Part 2


    • SMoonGameR

      Same lol 😂 I like my iPhone 12 Pro Max so was interesting to watch tho

  • Sulaiman Khan
    Sulaiman Khan

    I have both so i don't care 🤣

  • André Pereira
    André Pereira

    I'd pick any if I could lol

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