How to wrap dumplings/momos(12ways)|Easy Ways!|How to fold momos|learn to make momo|TastyTreazure
How to wrap dumplings(12 ways),how to fold momos-Easy Ways to fold dumplings/momo.
This super popular dish around the world has various adaptation,the most famous in India is the Tibetan dumplings known as Momos and it's a traditional dish made around all the himalayan countries and states of India. In this video I am showing you differents ways of folding them.
Tasty Treazure

*Sorry guys I had to delete the music from this video. I have uploaded another one but ARcodes is taking it's time 😯
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      Thank you. The recipe for the dough is all purpose flour and water. I've a video where u can see the ratio I will leave the link below if you r interested

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    0:10 1. Basic wrap 0:41 2. Three Folded wrap 1:31 3. Twisted Shape 2:04 4. Three Edge Star 2:28 5. Curly wrap 3:15 6. Easy Round Basket 3:35 7. Restaurant Style 4:05 8. One Side Folded 4:33 9. No Tale Braided momos (traditionally for soup momos) 5:02 10. Traditional Braided momos 5:34 11. Traditional Round Shade momos With The Top Open 6:06 12. Rose Shape

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