LIFE HACKS FOR PARENTS || Travel and Camping Gadgets for Smart Moms and Dads #shorts
Incredible Gadgets you'll be thankful for
Are you ready to be surprised? In today's video, we show you some incredible gadgets invented by geniuses. - they're designed to make your life easier when you're out and about. There's the great feeding spoon, the chair which attaches to your suitcase and many more.

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  • Isha Ignatius
    Isha Ignatius

    The third one someone will kidnap her lol

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    paini paijo


  • Kasey Johnson
    Kasey Johnson

    Love it

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    Aldana Aguirre Ponce


  • T queen beauty
    T queen beauty

    The second one is just nasty ewww

  • Chirag Kumar
    Chirag Kumar

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    Muhammad Sapir

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  • Reena Lokur
    Reena Lokur

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  • Sania siti23 Siti23
    Sania siti23 Siti23

    mendidik untuk anak anak tapi aku bukan anak anak lagi ya aku sudah umur 12 ya dan aku yang perempuan yang baik ya

  • هدي هدير
    هدي هدير

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  • Camila Telléz
    Camila Telléz

    Ay perdón me confundí era en la segunda Selometio en el cusuco

  • Camila Telléz
    Camila Telléz

    Aquella cosita que era el primer video se lo metió en el cusuco

  • Brynnlie Bourg
    Brynnlie Bourg

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  • GattAlice11 _
    GattAlice11 _

    but only I in the second thought terribly?

  • Queeni Pie
    Queeni Pie

    3rd hack American: Ooo i should rest my child in this Indian: Hamara bacha itna mota hai ki bag hi phat jayega😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mohamed En Nouary
    Mohamed En Nouary

    Y el del coche del lado mirando como mea en una botella que sirve para beber 👌

  • Atomy Ssb
    Atomy Ssb

    The baby sitting it can kidnap

  • Góc Nghệ Thuật
    Góc Nghệ Thuật

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  • Barbara Lemes
    Barbara Lemes

    Onde comprar essas coisas assim. Nossa muito mais prático...

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    Arashizzz 12

    Very big

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    Mason Juarez

    That looks so cool 😎😂😂😂😅😇😳

  • Alison Caruana
    Alison Caruana

  • The Addo Fam
    The Addo Fam

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  • Nada Adam
    Nada Adam

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  • 마사지 코리아 MASSAGE-KOREA
    마사지 코리아 MASSAGE-KOREA

    Man : Why is this lemmonade salty? Woman: Honey I put some salt in it.

  • Maria del carmen Gonzales
    Maria del carmen Gonzales


  • Kaïna Abubadawia
    Kaïna Abubadawia

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  • Brisa Paola Velazquez Ramos
    Brisa Paola Velazquez Ramos

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  • Niffler#1

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  • daan the gamer
    daan the gamer

    Second one gave me the creeps

  • Izz Mimi
    Izz Mimi

    What was the 2nd one about...

    • Strange mist Six
      Strange mist Six

      Yes 🤣

  • agksaro 13
    agksaro 13


  • Paul Purslow
    Paul Purslow

    I thought the baby wipes were mints

  • Bobby Joes
    Bobby Joes

    How is the second one for only parents?

  • Gamerpuppygirl

    Dude I'll never ever drink from my mom's water bottle. Who knows what else she does in that thing 🤢

  • Fluffy Mation
    Fluffy Mation

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  • Wafae Bakkali
    Wafae Bakkali

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  • Karin Kozmavá
    Karin Kozmavá

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    Stamatia Varouma

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  • Salman Ashraf
    Salman Ashraf

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    adnan kabir


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    yana crafts


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    Putri Sari


  • cute unicorn ASMR
    cute unicorn ASMR

    She did not just put that where I think she did 😶

  • Sanath Deepal
    Sanath Deepal


  • JATP Whitney Hurst
    JATP Whitney Hurst

    Stop it..... get some help you guys need it

  • Naura Aprilia
    Naura Aprilia

    Yeah the amazing, i love this!😊😃

  • Kayson Bridgeford
    Kayson Bridgeford

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  • Barbie Azka Channel
    Barbie Azka Channel

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  • Jesus Ronco
    Jesus Ronco


  • tanea bujor
    tanea bujor


  • Hester Maldonado
    Hester Maldonado

    kid:Mommy where is my bottle Mom: here "gives bottle" kid:👁️👄👁️

  • A 17 Pratham kumar Maurya
    A 17 Pratham kumar Maurya

    Only applicable in videos 👍. Not in real life.

  • Bhimagani Pooja
    Bhimagani Pooja

    Hey,doing washroom in car that too in bottle cheee

  • anti venom
    anti venom

    Can the world end any sooner

  • Shabab Rizwan
    Shabab Rizwan

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    Ankita Debnath


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    • Uhzpltgzbi Omykepulgn
      Uhzpltgzbi Omykepulgn


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    Sunita Dhagar


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    shahnoza norova


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    Bárbara Ardiles

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    Eda Minutka

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    Mahdi Falih

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  • Tetsuki Kuroko
    Tetsuki Kuroko

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    elcreeper 208

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    Dzarekxzae Dzulocurhp


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  • Tomas Fernandez
    Tomas Fernandez

    Que *MIER* coles hago para que me dejen de recomendar estás historias

  • Creeper Aw Man
    Creeper Aw Man

    Who came into the comment section thinking there would be comments about the second one like: what the fu-

  • Lavender Stars
    Lavender Stars

    They have done it again

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    Valdecir Cardoso

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  • Ben Hutchison
    Ben Hutchison

    I need a water bottle you can take a dump in!

  • Marcela Eduarda
    Marcela Eduarda

    *Genteeeeee* que bagulho é esse que a mulher colocou debaixo do vestido,e qual a utilidade? Num entendi 😅

  • Dead Silence
    Dead Silence

    I wanted to like this, but the second one... Really..? =.= Don't think that one was necessary

  • Virus 95
    Virus 95


  • wyatt lewis
    wyatt lewis

    The last one looked wierd when she put it in the water


    Those napkins are looking like candies before sinking in water. 😍😍😍😋😋😋😋

  • Karen Hanson
    Karen Hanson

    I’m scared of that water bottle why would you need that?! You can wait!!

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  • Gursharan Singh
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    That second one concerns me

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    So cool and convenient

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    Jessie Voght-Aljam

    That is like so cool

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    Wai keren

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    Janessa has joe mama

    2nd one don’t be shy take a sip

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    rebecca gottfredsen

    What if you don’t have water around you????

  • Junior Massiah
    Junior Massiah

    Remember to clean that one out of the car

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