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  • Crafting Fever
    Crafting Fever

    React by Momo text

  • Big D
    Big D

    Part 2 plz

  • Dan States
    Dan States

    Btw the eyes are BUG EYES

  • Dan States
    Dan States

    She's not real

  • jaxson yerdon
    jaxson yerdon


  • Brenna Gray
    Brenna Gray

    Momo said s really scary tbh ngl (つ .•́ _ʖ •̀.)つ

  • Karina Yanes
    Karina Yanes

    momo moooooooomooooooooooooo mooooooooo

  • Olivia Russo
    Olivia Russo

    You could see on the top of the phone screen it says 4:15 but the message was sent at 3:37 so it’s fake. (Also not to be confused with the times that it brings you to in the video I mean the time on the top)

  • Seiji Herrera
    Seiji Herrera

    momo is a statue

  • Cristina Campos
    Cristina Campos

    I saw her in the news

  • Mouse gaming Goodwin
    Mouse gaming Goodwin

    I also heard she was in Florida to Disneyland I want to go because the chicken is there

  • Osiel Amaro
    Osiel Amaro

    omg im not scard

  • haidar Alhaidar
    haidar Alhaidar

    Dart DART dart

  • Melisa O'Brien
    Melisa O'Brien

    Well I'm not going to bed tonight because I'm watching this at 12:00 P.M. and I'm probably going to have nightmares I'm to scared to go to bed now

  • Xander Cordova
    Xander Cordova

    I cant worry beacuse I dont hava a basement

  • Strong stom
    Strong stom

    Uh oh better call all might

  • Shark Bite Boys
    Shark Bite Boys

    Prove that mom is really real

  • John Reynolds
    John Reynolds

    Mono: hello kid I see you Me: :O GO AWAY CHICKEN LADY

  • BashBizarre

    I want a part 2

  • Pikachu Love
    Pikachu Love

    Momo is scary omg I see momo in my house

  • Gia Chaffin
    Gia Chaffin


  • Jackson Duke
    Jackson Duke

    Part 2 plz

  • Lency Hernandez
    Lency Hernandez

    Momo is not real he is a statue and the creator destroyed her cause she was rotting

  • Cooper Tierney
    Cooper Tierney

    Ok so in my basement there is this hole in the wall thats a secret spot that we go to and there is a backroom and if I saw momo there I would just die

  • Fri UvU
    Fri UvU

    You the best

  • Cadence S krak
    Cadence S krak

    is it a App

  • Oliver Benson
    Oliver Benson

    Delete it off message

  • alo golia
    alo golia

    Make a part 2

  • alo golia
    alo golia

    Man I am seven don't say that !!!!!

  • Anderson Silva
    Anderson Silva


  • Joshua Bailey
    Joshua Bailey

    7:30 clickbait

  • Roblox haming Hitter
    Roblox haming Hitter

    When a robot a dog a cat and a human marry

  • Mazen Noureddine
    Mazen Noureddine


  • Mazen Noureddine
    Mazen Noureddine


  • Paul Habers
    Paul Habers

    My girl momo needs some eye drops ASAP

  • Cozmic vlog
    Cozmic vlog

    Viewers:OMG it’s Momo!!! Infinite list:stairing at iPhone

  • Karina Araujo
    Karina Araujo

    Do more momo

  • Jeremy Fernández
    Jeremy Fernández

    Callus get out of your house and drive your bmwi8

  • Jeremy Fernández
    Jeremy Fernández

    If you see momo get a scar and Boom boom

  • DolceRumiko

    I live in Japan and I'm 7

  • nicholas crawford
    nicholas crawford


  • John Mackay
    John Mackay

    I’m 6 and I just got a text from momo

  • irnfxxx

    I’m 7 lol

  • Katherine Neill
    Katherine Neill

    No mo

  • Chrystal Vigh
    Chrystal Vigh

    In japan

  • Chrystal Vigh
    Chrystal Vigh

    Momo is scary chicken lady

  • coocy_ crush
    coocy_ crush

    Momo gibt es nicht sie gibt es nur als Statue momo wurde nur erfunden

  • Dan Seidman
    Dan Seidman


  • Velociraptor From jurassic park
    Velociraptor From jurassic park

    I had nightmares for months of this Momo thing I wish I could just go away but it doesn’t it’s so creepy that I have to stay with my brother I can’t be alone or else I will die

  • Maggie Nickerson
    Maggie Nickerson


  • The Royalty Princess
    The Royalty Princess

    If you call momo bad things he might kill you and momo is a boy

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    Are you really going to do this

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    Momo come in my house I'm going to sell my house at home

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    And I will send my and I will sell my house

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    Eating what I'm going to do sell my phone to anybody would buy my phone can die

  • light soul
    light soul

    Its the face for me

  • light soul
    light soul

    Oohhh hell no

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    I would have fainted

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    What does Bella creepy

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    It's a lucky p

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    Normal as a game Mama as a game

  • Alicia Alley
    Alicia Alley

    It's a creature with chicken legs and the chicken body and it has a person and Ed and I know what mama is it's not real

  • Ronnie rnt t 5nsbbw6 rh65buxvg b y bjn uh n TVer
    Ronnie rnt t 5nsbbw6 rh65buxvg b y bjn uh n TVer

    i literally got text from momo

  • Nick gaming gonzalez
    Nick gaming gonzalez

    I’m 7 years old

  • Troy Horan-Bilicki
    Troy Horan-Bilicki

    Momo is making kids commit suicide with the momo challenge

  • Gavin Petronella
    Gavin Petronella

    that text you got was by "Momo"

  • Lisa White
    Lisa White

    Momomomo omomomomomo

  • SmallFox's Lair - SFL
    SmallFox's Lair - SFL

    When i was in Japan in the gallery momo was called mother bird

  • Ali Anwar
    Ali Anwar

    Dude if I TEEL you this... I saw momo in real life in 3am she said come out to play I sleep in my mom room lock then the morning I call 911 my soul was ghost😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


    Momo is pathetic no arm chicken leg looking free what she going to do bite me ha

  • the ninga bro
    the ninga bro

    She is not real

    • the ninga bro
      the ninga bro

      Like duh

  • Lan Aclin
    Lan Aclin

    Pls part 2 ay your big fan

  • Lan Aclin
    Lan Aclin

    Ay brawn him

  • Lan Aclin
    Lan Aclin


  • Lan Aclin
    Lan Aclin

    Ay prang you

  • Lan Aclin
    Lan Aclin


  • lhex angelleux santos
    lhex angelleux santos

    Caylus I am not scared of momo

  • Lency Hernandez
    Lency Hernandez

    BRO I WAS SCARED and I'm not scared of her anymore

  • Remarkable Legit
    Remarkable Legit

    The texts are fake because when he said who is this it still said delivered instead of read when she supposedly replied

  • yelliecat323

    I'm just watching this to fight back my fears

  • James Smyth
    James Smyth

    I'm 7 and I'm not scard😆

  • Gregory Powe
    Gregory Powe

    call 911

  • Annabelle Uduma
    Annabelle Uduma


  • bigrydotv

    But I like the contant

  • bigrydotv

    It's so funny because it isn't real

  • Peyton Singh
    Peyton Singh

    Boom chicken soup 🍜🍜

  • Peyton Singh
    Peyton Singh

    MOMO don't scare ME No more, BRUH it ain't real don't be scared 😇

  • JulianFam


  • Olives Vlogs
    Olives Vlogs


  • Shubs Bubbs
    Shubs Bubbs

    Heha I’m momo

  • Shubs Bubbs
    Shubs Bubbs

    Momo momo momo momo momo

  • andy Dong
    andy Dong

    Her face legit want me to stay up all night with a sword in 3.00am

    • Shaunna Holcomb
      Shaunna Holcomb

      And a minute later the phone still says 4:15.

    • Shaunna Holcomb
      Shaunna Holcomb

      Me too but his phone says at the top 4:15 and the text says today at 3:37pm so it is just him showing and reacting to someone else’s texts

  • Amanda Green
    Amanda Green

    Momo......... mother bird 😨😨😨😨I gonna get NIGHT MERES and it's NIGHT TIME for me it's probably morning for you 😨😨😨😭😭😨😭😨😭😭😨😭😨😭😭😨😭😨😭

  • Stephen Cullen
    Stephen Cullen

    I did it

  • Theresa Bringard
    Theresa Bringard

    momo isnt real shes just a sculputure and the number is people who are trying to scare you

  • Ryan Clayton
    Ryan Clayton

    That messages that he got is FAKE

  • Dane Cronin
    Dane Cronin

    GG I'm out

  • Shelley bloomfield
    Shelley bloomfield

    I'm 7 years old and I am so 😱💩💩💩💩 I poo my myself 💩

  • Hayley Johnstone
    Hayley Johnstone

    Aaaà momo I'll like my because of I'm lony plz help

  • Timmy

    It's scary if or it's really scary like my text

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Drake - What's Next
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