OMG! DID you know this MCDONALDS LIFEHACK?! - orzutiextra TikTok trick ! #shorts
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Funny moments from TikTok 😂. This is funny video like others on TikTok: with some stuff, tricks, jokes, comedy, fun. I have compiled many videos from TikTok, check out TikTok Compilation! TikTok videos like this can really make people entertain and laugh, provides a good mood.
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  • ZutiGang

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    • Mazen Khaledخنصن
      Mazen Khaledخنصن


    • Adlerauge 30
      Adlerauge 30

      That's fake inside the left one and the in the middle is whit little bit of coke

    • VPJ

      @Alexandru Ludosean thanks stranger, I was looking for this comment

    • VPJ

      If you did small to medium to large, then you should dump the contents on the large on the small Now we'll see if it's real

    • Lucy Carrion
      Lucy Carrion

      Es mentira porque esta puesto algo dentro del vaso

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez


  • Nilton Sales
    Nilton Sales


  • Ana Beatriz
    Ana Beatriz

    Ele acha mesmo que a gente é burro ele já tinha colocado um pouco de coca-cola antes

  • Jacilene Sobral
    Jacilene Sobral


  • Solange Kristina Sol
    Solange Kristina Sol

    Que roubo😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • مي تعبان
    مي تعبان

    كيف كده مستحيل

  • Carlos Mata
    Carlos Mata

    Que mentira

  • Smileyoctopus🥺🥰✨


  • Reinaldo Perafan astaiza
    Reinaldo Perafan astaiza

    Es mentira no le creo

  • SYT4Super

    Ik what he did he showed the cups then recorded a new video with partly filled cups

  • Lindsey Vásconez
    Lindsey Vásconez


  • Maria Graças
    Maria Graças


  • Danilo Pintasan
    Danilo Pintasan

    Bam do anyone know siance can anyone gues?

  • cham cham
    cham cham

    Ehehwuu and the first place in the past year old daughter and 💔haunting were the most of your day

  • joan carlos soriano ober
    joan carlos soriano ober

    Rh cm BCN

  • Anahis 2008
    Anahis 2008

    Es lo mismo uwu

  • YanichaR

    Oga feyk

  • Chardenay Oliver
    Chardenay Oliver

    That’s just sewed up a little bit of salt at the bottom with you fill it up you stupid man

  • Leticia

    Ola #PETER DE Lan

  • monica castanio
    monica castanio


  • Chevaughn Cole
    Chevaughn Cole


  • Esmeralda Silva
    Esmeralda Silva


  • David Aguilera
    David Aguilera


  • David Aguilera
    David Aguilera


  • Emma Humble
    Emma Humble

    Can anyone tell me the name of this song pls

  • lskier102

    no way! how did he do that?!?!

  • lhenriquedragon gamer
    lhenriquedragon gamer


  • Julia Peña
    Julia Peña

    No es sierto feo

  • Hallie Goeltz
    Hallie Goeltz

    Dont be shy whats in the bottom of those cups eh?

  • james davis
    james davis

    That is so fake

  • Iyaaz Moosa
    Iyaaz Moosa

    I can see it's fake

  • Cosimo Sanesi
    Cosimo Sanesi

    There's a mirror

  • Lena Fink
    Lena Fink


  • Faby Cruz
    Faby Cruz

    Sensor feo y calbo

  • Faby Cruz
    Faby Cruz

    No te queo

  • Hugo Alvez
    Hugo Alvez

    Me da bronca cuando hacen cada rato cara de pelotudo

  • gelo GAMER
    gelo GAMER

    Quando ele saiu ele cortou o video

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez

    Esto es un tipo de truco de magia o una estafa de McDonald

  • Naeem Qureshi
    Naeem Qureshi

    I know there is a glass cut under the glass

  • Amelia Kasprzyk
    Amelia Kasprzyk


  • larsi

    Schlecht durch schau bar

  • Camila Mary
    Camila Mary

    Amg, ngm é tão burro p acreditar nissoKKKK

  • Jonas Harrison
    Jonas Harrison

    He literally finger sweard

  • Amanda

    he paused the video when he left and put more soda in the glasses

  • Karina Muraszewska
    Karina Muraszewska

    Tlanslator this polish:te kubki są chudsze ale większe

  • White Rabbit Reiki
    White Rabbit Reiki


  • Gato michicho
    Gato michicho

    Soy celosa la panela Sabadazo poner colapse otro vaso y luego le pone con la aprobación

  • hazclancy

    when he got up and left to get the coke, they paused whatever was filming and poured coke into the cups. 👍

  • you tube
    you tube

    He’s the type of guy that’s still gonna get the large

  • Benjamín Zupan
    Benjamín Zupan

    Cada vasa ya tiene bibida

  • Helen fidget sisters!
    Helen fidget sisters!

    Dude there was just more Coke in the other cups and you just couldn’t see it such a lie

  • İsmail, Kenger
    İsmail, Kenger

    Önceden doldurmuş o bardaklara😏😏😏

  • Elay TV
    Elay TV

    Haaaaaay😡😠How could you do this to us McDonald's


    music name ?

  • D N
    D N

    um Hack😮

  • fortnite gg
    fortnite gg

    לא הבנתי מה הקטע

  • Narendra Nari
    Narendra Nari


  • gamer 86
    gamer 86

    Ya tenia cola adentro para completar el baso

  • Софія сіркович
    Софія сіркович



    Zaten o bardakta cola bardı

  • Vincent mayeur
    Vincent mayeur

    Fake i try


    You think you can fool me

  • skateboarding Brno
    skateboarding Brno

    omg this is fake!!!!!

  • Patrik Tkáč
    Patrik Tkáč


  • Anil Singh
    Anil Singh

    OMG 😱😳

  • jacopo Ye
    jacopo Ye

    He’s the type of guy who built a sand castle in the water

  • francis yangx
    francis yangx


  • Pablo Perez
    Pablo Perez


  • XxwolfpupgamingxX Couch potato
    XxwolfpupgamingxX Couch potato

    This is fake a real youtber tried this

  • BEEG yoshi
    BEEG yoshi

    Bruh it’s not that hard to put a little bit in the large and the medium after showing us the cups to make it look like a clean transition

  • David Jose Castellano Moreno
    David Jose Castellano Moreno


  • Emilia Carolina Hernandez Sanchez
    Emilia Carolina Hernandez Sanchez

    Soy la única que abla español

  • ČиНиЙ пĚлЬмĔнЬ
    ČиНиЙ пĚлЬмĔнЬ

    Дно подсунул в средний и большой стакан

  • ياسر الفرج
    ياسر الفرج

    نعم انه التعليق العربي الذي تبحث عنه؟

  • Айжұлдыз Темірхан
    Айжұлдыз Темірхан


  • Samir Sekkai
    Samir Sekkai


  • مريم عصام
    مريم عصام

    Yesss!!!Finally you found a comment starting from he is a type of guy 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂❤

  • Nutella pink
    Nutella pink

    واضحة حجم الكاسات او الأكواب بحجم بعض بس اول وحدة ويلي هي قصيرة عريضة والاطول منها انحف والأطول منها يلي هي اطول الشي انحف 😎تفكير جهنمي 😂😂😂

  • Evangelina Alvarez
    Evangelina Alvarez


  • 高中生


  • Invasive5753

    Did you know that that’s not physically possible 😱😱😱

  • Thanh Nguyên Võ
    Thanh Nguyên Võ


  • daoudi delphine
    daoudi delphine

    Faut coco bol litre

  • Ann Marie Bonsol
    Ann Marie Bonsol

    U just have a little cove in the cups

  • dio the world
    dio the world

    How ?

  • Youtube Story Commenter
    Youtube Story Commenter

    Cool edits you little bastard-greedy, Besides the small cup wouldnt fit the medium. Basically there is something under the table like something that fills them out or a edit.

  • michael kuper
    michael kuper

    זה לא אמיתי

  • حبيب الأسدي
    حبيب الأسدي

    يكذب عليكم حط كرتونات ولا بالله صدقوها عليكم هذا المنتج حطوا

  • gaming beast
    gaming beast

    Fam we can see the water beneath the medium cup

  • ffiveOGames

    Man's eyeballs are punchable

  • tarun bhai
    tarun bhai

    Pagal nhi hai hum

  • tarun bhai
    tarun bhai

    Sab kuch dakh liye

  • Udyati Chandra
    Udyati Chandra


  • Bam Bang
    Bam Bang


  • April Abreu
    April Abreu

    Hehe 😊😋😋😊😋😊😊😊😊😋 udgrgrdgdyd

  • Winter Imran
    Winter Imran


  • Abdulwahab Abdulwahab
    Abdulwahab Abdulwahab


  • Fashion Inn
    Fashion Inn

  • Nhung Huỳnh
    Nhung Huỳnh

    L=.and N=o and s=0

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