Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Test Comparison.
A different kind of smartphone camera comparison - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs iPhone 12 Pro Max - including 8K, 4k video, zoom test, night mode, microphone quality, slow mo + more!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I've tried a LOT of new things for this camera comparison to try and make it more interesting to watch - so any feedback you have would be super useful so we can take this to the next level! Also, if you liked this video, then do consider checking out my Battery life comparison too!

    • PantoMath

      Earth isn't a planet

    • Vhin Gonzales
      Vhin Gonzales

      i want samsung😳

    • Allan Maina
      Allan Maina

      Am still hoping i will even see this phones one day....

    • Ch .Sarmad
      Ch .Sarmad

      It was great keep em coming

    • Abhishek Voin
      Abhishek Voin

      Bro why did you not used with Huawei mate 40 pro 🧐🧐🧐

  • islam seekho
    islam seekho

    I'm desperate for this


    Which is best ?


    Samsung do good. I am always with you

  • Asik Ahammed
    Asik Ahammed

    Apple is the best 👍

  • Janene Lynda
    Janene Lynda

    The adaptable crown concordingly pull because pest empirically like forenenst a delirious tie. hesitant, draconian dugout

  • Nishith Kahagalla
    Nishith Kahagalla

    How if Apple made a cinema camera..

  • Princess Harley Binoya
    Princess Harley Binoya

    I would still choose iphone for overall performance. But samsung is also great tho!

  • Mao Ze dong 張學友 Jacky Cheung
    Mao Ze dong 張學友 Jacky Cheung

    Stop Rick rolling me

  • 3 MM
    3 MM

    iPhone 12 Pro Max💯

  • James K
    James K

    Re: #4 Portrait Mode, I would think the wrong choice of lens would make the subject's face appear as if it is taken with a fisheye lens, which is undesirable. By taking the same pictures and measuring, for example, the distance from the edge of the nose to the edge of the face, you can actually quantify the effect of the lenses. Just looking at your pictures quickly, I'd say iPhone's pictures look more natural because they don't seem to have fisheye distortions. It would not be a difficult thing to fix in software if Samsung wants to do it. I hope they update their app and give choices in this. Another thing that I like about the iPhone's pictures is the color. IPhone's colors are warm and they speak to me regardless of whether the colors are accurate or not.

  • No Results found
    No Results found

    Samsung: - High Quality - Low fps Iphone: Medium quality - Very high fps

    • smelly

      More like Samsung: - High Quality - high fps Iphone: - low quality - medium fps

  • Amir Aref
    Amir Aref

    Samsung best❤

  • Muhammed Junaid
    Muhammed Junaid

    Is this exynos or snapdragon....

  • Point PhoΞnix
    Point PhoΞnix

    unbox therapy had different video results as in the galaxy handled shooting video and stabilization was much better than what was showed here

  • m0s3n9 YT
    m0s3n9 YT

    I still want the 12 pro max XD

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      You do you

  • Khurram Masud
    Khurram Masud

    Watched this video with great interest on who wins despite knowing I am buying neither

  • BB TV
    BB TV

    Still iphone is iphone🍻

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      You do you

  • sunjay and jakewon enthusiast
    sunjay and jakewon enthusiast

    iphone wins

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      In your opinion

  • Bodoy Bodoy
    Bodoy Bodoy

    You can't win against iSheeps.

  • Ma Thida Nyo
    Ma Thida Nyo

    If i phone 12 pro max have 108mp it will be better than all phone's camera

  • Ma Thida Nyo
    Ma Thida Nyo

    If i phone 12 pro max have 108mp it will be better than all phone's camera

  • Mario Labate
    Mario Labate

    Apple is the number one

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      In your opinion

  • Bohemia 1122
    Bohemia 1122

    I am apple user but like galaxy

  • dieggarciaf

    The 4K from Samsung was awful af lmao

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      Probably because there are using a new sensor

  • ifitscool

    What I gather is Apple is more for portraits, selfies, and Samsung is more for nature and action takes. Kinda makes me think of the operating software... for different people that have different tastes. I have no idea why people fight over personal preference other than they may not stop to think what their preferences actually are. 🤔

  • Hassan Saadi
    Hassan Saadi

    شكرا هارون --Thanks Aarun

  • H N
    H N

    iPhone is a joke

  • Reandro Rivera
    Reandro Rivera

    I dont ever care that phones men, i couldnt even afford iphone 8plus shiiit!

  • Janusz Starkel
    Janusz Starkel

    You can have 1000MP phone camera and still Canon 5MP will take better picture. It is about the size of the sensor and amount of lite getting to that sensor.

  • Bobby Ranger
    Bobby Ranger

    8:42 this video is cap ive seen where the s21 u has won n did way better

  • Bobby Ranger
    Bobby Ranger

    7:52 iphone superior photo

  • Naim Bislimi
    Naim Bislimi

    Lol im whacing this whith an ultra s21

  • Alin

    Bro. 12mp on all cameras. Are you kidding me. Even my old samsung j3 2017 has 13mp on the back

  • Muhammad Zahid
    Muhammad Zahid

    I phone nothing doing well but Samsung is another lvl


    S21 ultra fa sure🇧🇧🇨🇦💨👍💭🔔

  • Roberto Martinez
    Roberto Martinez

    Ese. Fhone no. Sirbe Para nada

  • Sweet Heelys
    Sweet Heelys

    where'd u get that navy blue dress jacket? can u post a link?

  • Mayar

    just bought the new s21 ultra - not even arrived - and thanks for ruining it for me lol

  • Gaye69

    I can't wait to see this video is this for real, exciting this is cool I love it keep it up...

  • Sandman

    What is the display refresh on the iPhone comparing to the S21 Ultra and was the difference in ram..

    • Sandman

      @Joshua Eitan thanks, I don't think I will be buying an iPhone soon with those kind of specs..

    • Joshua Eitan
      Joshua Eitan

      60 hz on the iphone, 120 hz on the ultra...i think the iphone has 6gb and ultra has 16gb max

  • The World will be better
    The World will be better

    Iphone forever

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      Not really

  • Dante Velasquez
    Dante Velasquez

    It really depends on what you care about. I don't care about 5 mile zooms lol And I do not like android software. So samsung isnt for me.

  • Randeep Singh
    Randeep Singh

    I just realised I have Aruns exact suit!

  • Mekhael Laster
    Mekhael Laster

    *whatever you saying, just see the photos that you shot with iphone and samsung, see the difference between them, samsung doesn't even look like real, all android phones are waste in camera. You cannot compare an android camera with an ios camera. I have used android phones and iphone. I know the difference.* see the difference: *3:46** , **5:10** , **5:43** , **5:55** , **6:13** , **8:02** , **8:53*

  • Hi Man
    Hi Man


  • Zaylox YT
    Zaylox YT

    buT aPpLe iS sTilL betTeR

  • Weird Person
    Weird Person

    But mkbhd shouted out that samsung is now the best in portrait mode!

  • Lukas

    iPhone wins!

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      In your opinion

  • mamba 363
    mamba 363

    s20 ultra is the bestttttttttttttttt.............................................................

  • Eme Balu
    Eme Balu

    @Mrwhosetheboss Is Huawei P40 Pro also not one of the best camera? some other review says. I am not a Huawei phone user just telling.

  • Ibrar hashmi
    Ibrar hashmi

    iPhone’s fan 🤩

  • K

    S21 audio sounds better to me

  • Victor Musembi
    Victor Musembi

    6m subcribers congratulations

  • Fuzzy The legend
    Fuzzy The legend

    0:36 the iPhone has a rickroll lmao 😜

  • M. Hawk
    M. Hawk

    That work figuring out how to make comparisons fun paid off. This was an exceptionally well done and entertaining video. And USEFUL. Thank you.

  • Abdulhakim Boïté
    Abdulhakim Boïté

    Samsung is best

  • Mudassir khan
    Mudassir khan


    SOMALIII VIDEOS King ck iyo amoore Like comment share

  • Krishnakant Sonwani
    Krishnakant Sonwani

    Compare with iphone 13

  • Alpha Marketing Group
    Alpha Marketing Group

    I have the IPhone 12 Pro Max and its comparable to my Galaxy S10 PLUS so I dont know why anyone would compare it to any new Samsung device lmao

    • Bully Maguire
      Bully Maguire

      I dunno what world you’re living in but the 12 Pro Max wipes the floor with the S10+ even the 11 Pro Max does too.

  • Hanane Benhafri
    Hanane Benhafri

    I just feel like you like apple more so you are extremely defending them on every second while you don't like Samsung and wishes the worst for it i am a programmer and i have worked for both apple and Samsung and i think that apple technology is amazing but Samsung is always creative and always trying hard to stay on the top and be the best ✨✨

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown

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  • Arrupt

    Samsung wins imo in everything

  • Benjamin Tousignant
    Benjamin Tousignant

    I really loved the format in wich you presented the information. Your methods of testing are equals to both sides. I simply loved it. Thanks

  • Towfiq Himel
    Towfiq Himel

    Btw your voice is so amazing & i fall in love with ur voice ❤️🥰🥰

  • Towfiq Himel
    Towfiq Himel

    Both of the phone is unique & awesome in their own speciality..& also the camera.. Iphone has own speciality & the samsung has their if the mobile hangs continuously nothing will be better 😥

  • Alejandro Louis Velasco
    Alejandro Louis Velasco

    nice review!! although i don't have any phone to use and can't afford one. reviews and content like this inspires and amazes me a lot.

  • Anela Tea-Ana Claiborne
    Anela Tea-Ana Claiborne

    Aaron send me the link address phone number to where you got your hair cut and styled at they did a great job I like it



  • Nate Vierthstein
    Nate Vierthstein

    This video did not helped me choosing between the two, so I just purchased both. Thanks for nothing.

  • Muhammad Hasan Imran
    Muhammad Hasan Imran


  • Steve J
    Steve J

    Very professional assessment. Covers most situations I could think of. Not sure it covered zooming in panorama mode. Some cameras will do this, which makes panorama fantastic.

  • Abdus Sami
    Abdus Sami

    Vai,I think your t-shirt was made in Bangladesh!

  • Vandhana S
    Vandhana S

    pls xiomi 11 something vs iphone 12 pro max

  • Kate Dell
    Kate Dell

    I love the Samsung S21

  • Matthew Tongson
    Matthew Tongson

    im pretty sure s21 won the audio/mic portion

  • Grafting Tactick
    Grafting Tactick

    My vote goes to Samsung galaxy S21 ultra

  • YoSammy

    Who needs night mode when samsung offers manual mode?

  • Redi jamir
    Redi jamir

    Bts ad came and I did not skipped ✌️✌️✌️

  • Wicked Kumar
    Wicked Kumar

    You don’t know to how to compare these phone

  • soundarajan a
    soundarajan a

    Maybe the S21 Ultra should be compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

    • soundarajan a
      soundarajan a

      @Eunchan So ik I meant after it comes out

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      Iphone 13 did not came out

  • Jason Redhorn
    Jason Redhorn

    I was flying to Vegas the other day and that zoom absolutely blew my mind

  • Nomed


  • deangelo hafele
    deangelo hafele

    This reminds me of that old meme of pixelated the tables have turned 😂

    • Bully Maguire
      Bully Maguire

      That was always for Snapchat where majority still suck balls.

  • Sakib Chowdhury
    Sakib Chowdhury

    Best Comparison❤️

  • Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad
    Lost and Found - The Face of America Abroad

    I say this with love: burn that jacket. It looks. Like your friend robbed a Jos A Bank and gave you the tuxedo jacket

  • LYF KA
    LYF KA

    Good Aaron

  • King Edward The First
    King Edward The First

    The iphone 13 will beat the s21

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So

      Maybe but at same time not really

  • Jeka E Franco
    Jeka E Franco

    Last thing, video was really fun!

  • Jeka E Franco
    Jeka E Franco

    What you said at minute 12:45 is how I feel.... Maybe they need to get together and make a phone lol

  • Jeka E Franco
    Jeka E Franco

    You look so handsome in this video! I know that's not the point of this video lol but seriously you are looking great!

  • shamsul bahari abdul rahim
    shamsul bahari abdul rahim

    More is less Less is moee

  • -Zibsak .m.
    -Zibsak .m.

    Aslong as I have a screen recorder everything is perfect on my iPhone 11

  • Luke Whelan
    Luke Whelan

    To be fair the s21 does have a brilliant camera. But being android thats useless if you want to post it on social media turns into a grainy mess.

  • Sourav Mondal
    Sourav Mondal

    I have one request arun. Can you please make another video about samsungs potrait mode since they have given a software update where they are using the telephoto lense for the potrait shots. Really wanna know how much improvement it is


    Is this qualcom snapdragon version of s21 ultra..??

  • #seand 007
    #seand 007


    • #seand 007
      #seand 007

      @Eunchan So 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Eunchan So
      Eunchan So


  • Muhammad Najmi
    Muhammad Najmi

    which is better at video?

  • Daniele Luz
    Daniele Luz

    o problema da samsung é que ela esquece que a gente tira mais fotos de pessoas do que prédios. Se eu fosse uma fotógrafa de paisagem eu escolheria o S21 Ultra mas pra usar no dia a dia escolheria fácil o iphone

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