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  • Hayls World
    Hayls World

    Don't forget about the FREE Wallpapers from my website 🙌 Hope you guys enjoy ⭐️

    • Anaq Ampin
      Anaq Ampin

      Hi.. which model is this? 256GB? I saw many feedbacks about the overheating issue on this model when using the camera..

    • vanessamcclain55

      @Dr. GRAHAM that's what I was trying to figure out on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

    • Kole

      Thanks for the wallpapers! Thanks for the tips too! I really like the Call Background but unfortunately I didn't realize you could not have different ones for different contacts. I spent like an hour and a half having fun customizing an AR Emoji of a friend (it took that long since apparently you can't edit them so I ended up creating several as I was getting used to the app) and I put a cool dance and custom music to it, then realized I couldn't set it to just his contact info.

    • Nadeem Ali Vlogs
      Nadeem Ali Vlogs

      Hayls please give me this phone 🇵🇰because i can't aford this please love from pakistan

    • Dr. GRAHAM
      Dr. GRAHAM

      How do you screen shot though? 🤷🏿‍♂️ I watched the entire video and didn't get that.

  • Cel Ruwethin
    Cel Ruwethin

    Wow! Thanks for showing us some neat features. Sub:-)

  • Exterminator

    This made me regret of every single second of my decision to tryout iphone for the the first time and order an 12 pro max.🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Candice Vought
    Candice Vought

    Thank you for the wallpaper. I love it on my screen :)

  • Shamim Hachan
    Shamim Hachan

    I live in Bangladesh. I watch your video soap time

  • Alvaro Cardoza
    Alvaro Cardoza

    Great video!

  • Mickey Ramirez
    Mickey Ramirez

    How to close background running apps close all at once for Samsun Galaxy Note 20 vs iPhone 12 Max Pro curious to see test? I want to see that.

  • Peter S
    Peter S

    Who else is watching this on their S21 Ultra? 😎

  • Tony B
    Tony B

    Best cellphone camera I've ever had.

  • FirestoneX

    I can't get 100x zoom. It is only going to 6.0.. what am I doing wrong???

  • James

    Show us how you can upload from the USB port files like pictures to the Samsung Phone . I had to use a Windows computer and connect the Samsung phone to the Windows computer which was easy .

  • Eric Peck
    Eric Peck

    Can we get timestamps?

  • syimang

    Watching this video I now realized how boring the iphones doesn't really do much of anything to sad!

  • Kaitlynn Kenny Thomas
    Kaitlynn Kenny Thomas

    I bought the 512 gig storage

  • alora turner
    alora turner

    The sweet course undoubtedly land because kevin ultrascructurally roll throughout a mighty stepmother. unhealthy, dangerous activity

  • Louis Mills
    Louis Mills

    I DID NOT KNOW YOU COULD DO THAT ON THE 100X ZOOM! MY GOD! Ive been having issues with it juttering so often! THANKS!


    Grabando cine con el samsung galaxy s21 ultra. @

  • Lukas

    Umm why 100x zoom looks like 10x😳. This is very bad then ( fake 100x zoom)

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I want to call the host

  • Assad Khan
    Assad Khan

    IPhone 12 Pro max is the best 👌

  • Esmond Msimango
    Esmond Msimango

    Damn, I almost went with Phantom Silver but the Matte black looks super dangerously beautiful

  • jackal monkey
    jackal monkey

    What are those pixel tv looking things in your video? Also great review. You actually know what you are talking about unlike that knucklehead ijustine

  • jansy chicas
    jansy chicas

    I just got the Samsung s21 ultra today! It is soo cool 😎

  • JCookie

    thanks :) its really useful. really appreciate it

  • Sachith Heshan Hirimuthugoda
    Sachith Heshan Hirimuthugoda

    When I subbed first I think u had like 50k. What a growth!

  • Cybsr

    When she said click the two buttons on the side of your phone I was like everyone knows how to screenshot wait beishriwbd da fuck


    thank you for this informative video hayls!

  • Philippe Dassonval
    Philippe Dassonval

    hello.any tips about vlogging outside with a gimble when its very windy ?? the sound is horrible .Using my Galaxy S21 Ultra .

  • Denise P Maxwell
    Denise P Maxwell

    Wow. This is a really nice video. Thanks for posting.


    I want to believe that the S21 Ultra was an upgrade from my Ceramic S10+ but at the moment I'm not feeling the love. The S-Pen doesn't allow the sort of customisation I was hoping for, such as being able to do keyboard shortcuts with apps like Chrome Remote Desktop, really it can just start apps and write on the screen. The S-Pen bumper case is a bulky dust magnet, so I'm probably going to discard both the case and S-Pen because it's just not useful enough for all that bulk. There's no SD card and no headphone socket. Kind of regret changing.

  • sayk 1001
    sayk 1001

    Nə bilim eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  • Hashim Warren
    Hashim Warren

    Fantastic video

  • Chris Koumas
    Chris Koumas

    Brilliant video, haven't seen any of these features mentioned on other videos, thank you

  • May I Stand Unshaken
    May I Stand Unshaken

    I just got my s21 ultra today!

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    Brian Compean

    I'm glad that I buy one yesterday

  • manonfire5001

    now the ufo videos should be more than verified.

  • Edgefield

    Cool watched a few videos. You were the only one that showed the call background! Awesome thanks.

  • Somis cuisine
    Somis cuisine

    I got mine and I loved it ... 🥰📱👍

  • GreatTouch

    I like the splash effect when you tap your screen. Please how can I do that? Thanks.

  • DoorDasher Dan
    DoorDasher Dan

    The 100x zoom is WORTHLESS.The 30x is useable and the 10x is amazing

  • DoorDasher Dan
    DoorDasher Dan

    2 reasons why i choose this OVER iphone...Directors view and the 10x zoom is ALOT nicer

  • Errold Tumaque
    Errold Tumaque

    This is the coolest and most entertaining tip video I've seen

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    Reza Mohammadi


  • Aeron Corpse
    Aeron Corpse

    Imma return my iPhone 12 Pro Max for this lol ,

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    Rob Sinnott

    These cool hand movements hahaha

  • Hailex G
    Hailex G

    A very cool video with real usable tips. Salute, Hayls. You've earned my subscription.

  • HaxorTech

    Wow! The production quality on this video is amazing.... The shots, the subtle added effects... Much respect! The tips were also actually helpful and not like a lot of recycled content elsewhere, really well done! 😁👍

  • Seyed Nouri
    Seyed Nouri

    Yeah it’s all about these two fingers😂 Great video 👍

  • The_M savior
    The_M savior

    I cant update my galaxy store on my s21 ultra any help

  • Khayrun Nesa
    Khayrun Nesa

    Your video editing Sooo COoL...JuSt WoOw😍

  • Groovey Granda
    Groovey Granda

    Love everything about the s21 ultra only down side is , there isn't a micro sd slot. Though I can get around that by using a usb c port and connect my sd card via card holder, not much of an inconvenience as the fone is supported by a tripod wen I use sd card.

    • BC USA
      BC USA

      You can use cloud storage.

  • Milk Monkey
    Milk Monkey

    1 dollar bll

  • Mark Lotinga
    Mark Lotinga

    You had me until "toodles". 🙄

  • Light Abaddōnッ
    Light Abaddōnッ

    Just got mine 3 days ago, best phone no cap.

  • martin portelance
    martin portelance

    Can we set different call backgrounds for different callers?

  • Matt Watters
    Matt Watters

    Have animations turned on and the developer options for animations are turned off, but going back to the home screen there is an annoying animation that I cant get rid of.

  • Coco Ventures
    Coco Ventures

    From iphone 10 to samsung s21. Mind blown, apple is really delaying everything. Good thing i decided to go android

  • dewwed1965

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  • YuNeeqOne

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  • John Clyde Bioncio
    John Clyde Bioncio

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  • Athena Eloy
    Athena Eloy

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    Santosh Reddy

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    Mohamed Ijaz

    Watching in my s21 ultra☺☺

  • Onsite blind cutting Best in Melbourne
    Onsite blind cutting Best in Melbourne

    Hello I just got my s21 waiting to sell my I phone 12 it’s taken 2 weeks mist you god bless

  • S6N 6F G6D
    S6N 6F G6D

    the double tap feature was on the entire time, i never knew. thanks lol

  • FitØr Abazi
    FitØr Abazi

    Watching on my Note20 Ultra and testing on my S21 Ultra Thx

  • Ashar

    She had me at "if i take my two fingers"😝

  • UniversalDefeat

    Been with apples for years, decided to try out samsung. Absolutely loving it

    • Aj

      Benedict Arnold!

    • Agastya Sharma
      Agastya Sharma

      Same with me I used to think apple is the best I used the 12 pro mini and max but no difference but this phone I just got it and I am in love with it

    • Lina

      @Seferino Meneses I know, but I’ve heard that now Samsung has put adds all over their stock apps.. that’s a huge turn off having adds everywhere.

    • L. Marcadella
      L. Marcadella

      Welcome home

    • John Huo
      John Huo

      @Lina do it. Don't hold back

  • Luis

    I bought one a week ago and am very disappointed. I used to have a S8+ before and now I have a $1200 phone with 3 amazing lenses. But now, I do not have either the 3.5mm audio jack, SD card slot, or heart beat sensor, and the FM radio chip is a myth. People have told me that I should have researched and I did it, to see what it is need. I have been an Samsung customer since before the S3 mini and I always have counted with the basic features as SD and audio jack. Apparently they were ditched because Samsung assumes people always use wireless earbuds and put all their files on the cloud and listen music on spotify always. That is wrong. Next time, I will research in deep and checking even if the phone has an internal speaker and if it is able to make calls because lets face it, undet that line of thought, Samsung can assume people do not make calls with their operator but with whatsapp. Or it can assume that an internal speaker is useless because everybody uses wireless earbuds. I will do my research but my next phone is not going to be a Samsung.

    • BC USA
      BC USA

      LOL 😆🤣 It doesn't take much "research" to see the phone doesn't have an micro SD slot or phone jack. You didn't even bother looking into it. It sounds like you just randomly bought the phone and now you're complaining. Just so you know all phones are headed in this direction..nothing new.

  • Birhan Hagos
    Birhan Hagos

    I'm using a Samsung s21 ultra to watch this

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    Jürgen Denifle

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    Ian Films

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    Metin Kaya

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    Charl du plessis

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    DR.Steve Guest PhD Astrophysics

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    Turbo Alpha

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    Jay Kingsun

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  • H.K. S.D
    H.K. S.D

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  • Ray

    Her voice is so sexy.. I got the S21 Ultra, but I can only hear her voice.... ❤️💯

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    Richard Goodchild

    First time watching your videos really useful just ordered the Ultra in Phantom Brown 512gb 😁

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    Rogério Bicudo

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    Mohammad Kamran

    Just loving this video baby. superb... i got the Ultra 3 days back but really didn't know much of these like background call and magnification wow

  • Rick Dobbins
    Rick Dobbins


  • Khan Eye
    Khan Eye

    Shit S 21 ultra.. i try to take pic. first time i not put SIM yet. i just try to focusing 100 zoom. after few mints camera Auto shutdown. and error show mobile is heatup..... if i try make a video from this device if he auto shut down it mean i choose wrong device, i purchase S21 ultra only for shooting and video shooting.

  • Khan Eye
    Khan Eye

    Shit S 21 ultra.. i try to take pic. first time i not put SIM yet. i just try to focusing 100 zoom. after few mints camera Auto shutdown. and error show mobile is heatup..... if i try make a video from this device if he auto shut down it mean i choose wrong device, i purchase S21 ultra only for shooting and video shooting.

  • Yangon Yangon
    Yangon Yangon


  • Rick's Review
    Rick's Review

    I like this video, great job, just got my Ultra 2 days ago, thanks for the tips.

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    Bengali Boi

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    Craig Tabb

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    Joshua Arrowood

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    Nest Nemesio

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    Tony House

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