Unfiltered nature 🦁 King lion vs wild boar
Unfiltered nature 🦁 King lion vs wild boar
Via: thejunglechic : instagram.com/thejunglechic/
Big cat king lion hunting and attacks wild boar cub | wildlife

  • Gen Rum
    Gen Rum

    Я знал, что когда-то он сожрёт пумбу

  • Vexok

    Hes using it as a Popsicles

  • Fatcat

    Waiting for the day when these pussy animals that only hunt peaceful animals that won't fight back are poached to extinction. It's already happened to a few and it is rapidly happening to many others and I couldn't be any happier. On the other hand, people that enjoy watching shit like this, you're actually mentally ill. That's what generations of inbreeding does I suppose.

  • Jéssica Souza
    Jéssica Souza

    Eu quando peço Ifood e percebo a chegada de parentes.

  • Anya Wild
    Anya Wild


  • RushighCowcat

    It’s a baby boar it can’t win

  • Flavius

    dont play with your food

  • Jojo Amal
    Jojo Amal


  • Ibrahim Lawali
    Ibrahim Lawali

    Lion’s mom: Simba don’t play with food Also simba :.....

  • jonas paulo
    jonas paulo

    Eeeee nunca mais foi visto o javali.

  • swarooop swaroop
    swarooop swaroop

    Hakuna Matata ❤

  • LocoFompi

    Video sent by Timon.

  • LocoFompi

    Cagó Pumba...

  • nkc reaper
    nkc reaper

    Boar: Just kill me already!! Lion: Yeah keep talking like that

  • Akash Akash
    Akash Akash

    the nature is precious😍

  • Art with Dhairyashil
    Art with Dhairyashil

    Hakuna matata

  • Andy G.
    Andy G.

    Lick lick lick lick By god I love the taste of bacon!

  • solene jol
    solene jol

    Le pauvre ça m'a fait de la peine😭😭😭😭😭

  • fire cooker
    fire cooker

    O M G

  • GOD Nemesis
    GOD Nemesis

    Oh no oh no oh nonono.....

  • 미미토토


  • Arnaud Sebire
    Arnaud Sebire

    Finally a true video, I’m bored of Dodo video who think Lion and other animal can cohabit in peace lol

  • Carroll Shelby
    Carroll Shelby

    His mother probably dint teach him to not play with his food..

  • kat

    This is something normal in nature the lion is simply suthing him to clm him down thus other predators wont hear him

  • Asya ve hayvanlar alemi
    Asya ve hayvanlar alemi

    Çok üzüldüm😢😥

  • Dre

    Hors d'oeuvres

  • David Angel Q.
    David Angel Q.

    Maldita sea simba, q has hecho, y donde esta timon!!!

  • Валерий Приказнов
    Валерий Приказнов

    Кошки любят поросятинку

  • hanz the DDR guard
    hanz the DDR guard

    Lion was like YEET

  • Soapy

    He is cheating on his wife

  • Foofypyon Pyon
    Foofypyon Pyon

    Damn imagine being reincarnated as a pig in a lion's territory 😭

  • Suchandra Sarkar
    Suchandra Sarkar

    Simba is eating Pumba....I wonder what Timon is doing😂....oh yes he's so singing "Hakuna Matata"

  • Muhammad Abizar
    Muhammad Abizar


  • DrumWild

    Is this "baby Jesus' plan" that I keep hearing about?

  • Detonation Beats
    Detonation Beats

    Lol its nature✊🏻

  • 흥부

    아까 뒀던 돈까스 한조각 ㅎ

  • Dhimas Prawiro1997
    Dhimas Prawiro1997

    Diputar dijilat dicelupin

  • Jelly Bean the Sausage Dog Jelly
    Jelly Bean the Sausage Dog Jelly

    Why are you even showing this it’s not nice 🙄 it’s a baby boar what if you where a boar and a lion are you what would you think about it 😒

  • kanda saravanan
    kanda saravanan

    UFB... Fresh unfried boar...

  • one Sof Asael
    one Sof Asael

    I'm Telling You Man Those Vegetarian People not Normal 🤦🏻They Trying To Change Truth Or Life Lool. To Them is Nature Humans Everything Wrong Because They Are Always Right.🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻 Nice Job Lion

  • Shivanya Dinesh
    Shivanya Dinesh


  • 아오늘 뭐하지?!
    아오늘 뭐하지?!

    티먼 ㅠㅠ

  • GamerInTrance

    Ah yes. Bacon candy

  • Monke God
    Monke God

    What is simba doing 😳 did he say at least nohomo?

  • Safar Safarov
    Safar Safarov

    Маладец лев а то мы мускльманки свинью не едим

  • Nino Grigalashvili
    Nino Grigalashvili

    Is the lion eating the boar or is it just washing it??...😭

  • Jeremiah Powell
    Jeremiah Powell

    He's not eating him move him away from the other lions

  • ti cassiani
    ti cassiani

    Ah yes the great circle of life. We eat the animals and when we die we turn to grass and they, in turn, eat us. Seems like a pretty one sided deal to me.

  • Little Bacon
    Little Bacon

    I feel bad for some kids seeing this after watching the lion king

  • يحيى القحطاني
    يحيى القحطاني


  • Nazife Gürergil
    Nazife Gürergil

    Yazık niye kurtarmadınız yiyecek minik yeni doğmuş 😪

  • ꧁ঔৣ M͜͡24๖ۣۜ࿐ ঔৣ꧂
    ꧁ঔৣ M͜͡24๖ۣۜ࿐ ঔৣ꧂

    This is how death feels on ur back

  • Zane Shaw
    Zane Shaw

    Sees the other lion coming and says fuck that I ain’t sharing shit

  • king kong
    king kong


  • Liz


  • Terrence Lufuta
    Terrence Lufuta

    That's why the females Hunt. They would have killed it first

  • James Duhon
    James Duhon


  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia Gonzalez


  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia Gonzalez


  • Lgboyy


  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia Gonzalez


  • jess maynard
    jess maynard

    He's like oh calm down little buddy it's OK, wait no it's not

  • Gurung Bhadra
    Gurung Bhadra


  • kush 250
    kush 250

    That was funny :)

  • Dead Moroz
    Dead Moroz

    Пумбочка , мы тебя не забудем. 🙄

  • tacos de agua
    tacos de agua

    I'm going to cry is that I feel sorry for him. :(

  • Eugenia Osorno
    Eugenia Osorno

    Good god just kill the damn thing XD

  • Danny Eliana Alvarez
    Danny Eliana Alvarez


  • Ralph Rosario
    Ralph Rosario

    Bye Bye lil piggy

  • Psychic Gaming
    Psychic Gaming

    Awww that’s wholesome... OH MY GOD

  • oofziie

    Others: awh how sweet Me: Smart. You’re taking care of it, so when it gets big and fat the more food you get.

  • Supreme

    Simba and Pumba

  • Fathead 1892
    Fathead 1892

    The editing is so bad

  • Sajid Shah
    Sajid Shah

    Jab hum chotay thay to egg ko chat chat k khatay thay same like lion My smalle age i m eating egg like kissing no eating same like lion now

  • Nurys D.
    Nurys D.

    Mmmmm delicious

  • Joe the king Hawk
    Joe the king Hawk

    It's over.

  • David Motlagh
    David Motlagh

    Hahahaha, that little pig thought he was gonna escape....how cute.

  • Tommy Griffith
    Tommy Griffith

    Fuck yes

  • Crowmaann

    For anyone trying to say it was being sweet...cats often lick the fucking hair off something before eating it...fucking savage


    That’s fucked it how is that not a sin they are all living creatures

    • one Sof Asael
      one Sof Asael

      Don't Talk Nonsense

  • Rafael Orihuela
    Rafael Orihuela

    Mmmmmm I love pork 🥩..🤣🤣🤣

  • Scoville Man
    Scoville Man

    If only y’all could see my facial expressions.


    The boar: hyperventilating

  • Beatriz Rodrigues
    Beatriz Rodrigues

    Tadinho torci pra que ele conseguisse fugi

  • Barburi Damui
    Barburi Damui


  • Mircinha Alcantara
    Mircinha Alcantara

    Simba e Pumba a revanche

  • Uarlei Aparecido Mota
    Uarlei Aparecido Mota

    Vc vai ver quando a mamae dele aparecer aí ser.Leao

  • Myles Roland
    Myles Roland

    The truth Vegans don't want you to know

  • 清澤健


  • ClinicallyGinger

    Real life baconator


    He was gettin that little mo fo all nice and ready!!!

  • Fi de fruta br
    Fi de fruta br

    Continuetion video ?


    Su lonchera :v

  • ErickTurdan


  • Jose Antonio Vega Ruiz
    Jose Antonio Vega Ruiz

    Ham popsicle

  • Joe C
    Joe C

    Jesus Christ loves whoever reads this!😁

  • mericaenterprises

    Wash up before dinner

  • Welyn’s Lost Pumpkin
    Welyn’s Lost Pumpkin

    I don’t think simba was supposed to do that

  • E E
    E E


  • シjoao pedro
    シjoao pedro


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